Performance Features

It’s not just the looks of the Accord that are shattering the stereotype of the boring mid-size sedan. No matter which engine you choose on your 2015 Accord, Honda engineers have ensured that it will be responsive and fun-to-drive—the available CVT can even be triggered by steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and the 3.5L V6 engine is paired to a new six-speed automatic transmission. Whether you care about cornering responsiveness and torque curves or just need a new family car, the Accord delivers a dependable ride that leaves the competition wanting, and it’s all due to the performance features.

2015 Honda Accord Sedan

  • 185-hp 2.4L Four-Cylinder Engine: Standard on each 2015 Accord, the four-cylinder engine is rated at 181 lb-ft of torque and uses direct-injection technology to get the most power out of every drop of fuel.
  • 278-hp 3.5L V6 Engine: Upgrading to the V6 engine raises the power output by nearly 100 hp and brings the torque up to 252 lb-ft. Through technology like variable cylinder management, Honda has developed one of the most efficient V6 engines on the market.
  • Variable Cylinder Management: Old V6 engines used to fire all six cylinders whether you were flooring the accelerator or coasting — the Accord’s V6 is smart and can shut down two or three cylinders while coasting to conserve fuel.
  • Six-Speed Automatic Transmission: Honda added a sixth gear to the Accord’s automatic transmission to take advantage of the V6 engine’s broad torque curve and let you kick things up to the next level while still offering smooth shifting.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Select Accord models feature an audio system that generates sound waves out of phase with engine noise to give you a quiet, serene drive.
  • MacPherson Strut Front Suspension: Honda upgraded the suspension to help upgrade the performance, and the new front suspension’s compact design helps reduce vibration and road noise.
  • Independent Multi-Link Rear Suspension: The multi-link rear suspension brings high lateral rigidity and improves the overall handling of the Accord.
  • Drive-by-Wire Throttle System: The accelerator is connected to a butterfly valve in the intake manifold that lets the engine take in more air as needed to deliver a dependable response regardless of the driving conditions.
  • Grade Logic Control: Grade logic control detects driving situations and sets shifting points for the Accord, avoiding gear hunting while climbing or descending hills and automatically downshifting for engine braking as needed.


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