In order to maximize passenger space, Honda developed the 2015 Accord exterior after they had already specced out the interior. While it would have been easy, and common, to just slap a shell of sheet metal around it and call it done, Honda designers imbued their car with a level of sophistication not typically found in the mid-size car market. It would be a recipe for success when designing a luxury car, yet the Accord still remains one of the most affordable cars in its class.

The exterior redesign of the Accord adds curves that make it look like it’s always in motion while still seeming like a reserved and respectable mid-size car, and the color choices let even the boldest personalities find an Accord to their liking. It’s easy for drivers to get what they want when they drive an Accord.

2015 Honda Accord Sedan
2015 Honda Accord Sedan Colors


The new Honda Accord exterior, with its aerodynamic curves and its elegant yet sporty sense of style, is sure to turn some heads. But, the first thing another driver’s going to notice about your car is its color, and we think that Honda has given you quite the range of available exterior Accord color choices which can have your personality show through and let your Accord speak for you.

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2015 Honda Accord Sedan Front Grille

Redesign & Changes

The current generation of the Accord started in 2013, but Honda hasn’t just let their flagship sedan linger over the last two years. The most significant changes that hit the Accord for this generation are its new Earth Dreams engines (a 185-hp 2.4L four-cylinder and a 278-hp 3.5L V6), available continuously variable transmission, and the new suite of high-tech standard features that has caused the whole auto world to rethink what should be included as a standard amenity. When you start off that strong, it can be tough to keep improving each year, and yet the Accord continues to get better and better.

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2015 Honda Accord Sedan Smart Entry

Exterior Accessories

The 2015 Honda Accord exterior looks great. It’s streamlined and sculpted to cut through the wind without sacrificing an ounce of style and comes available in a wide enough range of colors that there’s certainly one that fits your personality. We’ll continue to argue that the Accord is one of the most stylish mid-size cars on the road, but what if you want to add a bit of chrome or a spoiler to yours? You won’t always find a trim level that fits your needs exactly, but that’s where official Honda Accord exterior accessories come in.

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