Sedans vs Coupes: A Guide to Help You Choose

November 1st, 2016 by

AccordTackling the conundrum of sedan vs coupe? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. The subtle differences between these two designs can make deciding between them a much tougher process than, for example, picking between a sedan and an SUV. Some model lines, such as the Accord and the Civic, can even be had as either coupes or sedans.

However, those subtle differences can also help you find a model that is more closely related around your own needs, so it’s smart to find out everything you can.

How Do Coupes and Sedans Differ?

Let’s get the technical details out of the way first. A coupe provides a closed-body style, with sleeker lines and a sportier aesthetic than a sedan. A sedan is usually a little larger, fitting a B-pillar between the front and rear windows. Sedans tend to be more popular than coupes; most of the cars you’ll see across the roads of Denver and Boulder are sedans.

Why Do Those Differences Matter?

The technical dissimilarities between coupes and sedans don’t really matter; what’s important is how they affect the way you’ll use and enjoy the vehicle.

If you’re looking for sportier styling, you’ll probably be far happier behind the wheel of a coupe. They prioritize bolder looks, so you can think of them as establishing a middle-ground between family sedans and two-seater sports cars. Compare the Civic Coupe to the Civic Sedan to see what we mean.

Complementing their styling, coupes enjoy tighter dimensions than sedans. The Accord Coupe is 189.5 inches long with a 37.6 foot turning radius, while the Accord Sedan is 192.5 inches long with a 38.1 foot turning radius. If you’re going to be driving frequently across close city streets, a coupe might be just up your alley.

Of course, those reduced measurements do impact space. For example, the Accord Sedan’s backseat offers up to 38.5 inches of rear legroom vs just 33.7 inches in the Accord Coupe. If your children are growing up or you regularly need to accommodate full-grown adults in the back, they’re going to be far more comfortable in the back of a sedan.

Let the Team at Fisher Honda Help You Choose Between Sedan and Coupe

If you’re still not sure whether a sedan or a coupe would best suit your needs, just come down to Fisher Honda. We can go over the differences and arrange a couple of test drives until you’re fully satisfied with one body type over the other.