Safety Technologies

Honda has always had a reputation for safety, but the 2015 Honda CR-V safety technologies are taking that to a whole new level. The standard safety features—Honda’s smart airbags, Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, active head restraints, and more—all help the CR-V earn the coveted Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, but we think it’s the available safety amenities found on the new Touring trim level that really set the CR-V apart when it comes to protecting its passengers.

2015 CR-V Safety

You may have heard of the new Honda Sensing suite of safety features that Honda has developed—they essentially help the CR-V prevent accidents before they happen—and you can find many of them on the new CR-V Touring trim, including:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System: By installing a radar system on the front grille of the CR-V, Honda has a way to alert drivers to potential collisions. If the system sounds a warning and still detects that a collision is going to occur, it can even apply the brakes and tighten the front seat belts automatically.
  • Lane Departure Warning: With a camera mounted on top of the CR-V’s windshield, the Lane Departure Warning system is able to detect where the road’s guidelines are and alert you if it detects that you are drifting one way or the other out of your lane. Visual and audible alerts can both be set up, just in case.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System: If you do find yourself drifting and the CR-V thinks you need assistance staying in your lane, it can actually adjust your steering to put you back on track.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Have you ever been on a long drive and not noticed that the cars around you have slowed down while your cruise control has set you at a fixed speed? It’s an easy and unfortunate way for an accident to occur, and Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar to detect the average speed of surrounding vehicles to automatically adjust the CR-V’s speed when cruising.


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