Add Protection and Utility to your Honda Crosstour with Accessories

January 30th, 2015 by

2015 honda crosstour accessories

Adding accessories to the 2015 Honda Crosstour will further enhance the vehicle’s utility. From towing items behind the Crosstour, on top of it, or inside the vehicle, there are accessories to suit all of your cargo-carrying needs. There are roof-rack attachments, a trailer hitch, and roof boxes. There are also accessories to protect the vehicle from dings and scratches.

Honda Crosstour Accessories for Utility

The roof rack accessory will set you up for all of the available attachments. The roof rack itself has a 110-pound load capacity and if your Crosstour has a moonroof, the roof rack doesn’t get in the way. There are snowboard, ski, surfboard, bike, and kayak attachments. There is also the option of a short or mid-size roof box. The mid-size roof box is long enough to hold golf clubs, a snowboard, and skis. It is 76 inches long, 15.75 inches tall, and weighs 37.5 pounds. It can hold cargo that is up to 71 inches long. The short roof box, adds an additional 13 cubic feet of cargo space. It is lockable and easily accessible with a rear opening.

With the trailer hitch you can tow up to 1,500 pounds with the V-6 engine and up to 1,000 pounds with the 4-cylinder engine. The hitch mounts directly to the vehicle’s frame, which offers maximum strength and security. Once the trailer hitch is purchased you’ll need a trailer hitch ball. These balls are available in the 1 7/8-inch and a 2-inch sizes.

2015 honda crosstour accessories

For the Crosstour’s rear cargo area there is a cargo net and cargo organizer. The cargo net keeps items upright when placed in the net and items behind the net will stay in the cargo area. The cargo organizer also keeps items upright. It is made of a sturdy canvas and has dividers to keep items separate. When not in use, the organizer is easily collapsible. A door pocket can be added to the front door grip areas. This is great for storing small items.

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Crosstour Accessories to Protect

Scratches and dings are bound to happen with daily driving, but with these accessories the showing of wear can be lessened. The rear bumper applique is a clear-coated urethane that is applied directly to the bumper. This will protect the paint when loading and unloading your Crosstour. There is also the rear bumper protector that is made of a brushed stainless steel. It adds a nice aesthetic touch to the vehicle, but also a great amount of protection when loading and unloading cargo. Splash guards help keep rocks and other road debris from scratching your Crosstour’s paint. A nose mask will protect the Crosstour’s front-end from road debris. The mask is made of a snug-fitting vinyl. It is resistant to mildew and the felt-lined backing provides a smooth fit. Just like the rear bumper applique, the door edge film is also a transparent urethane film. The film helps protect the edges of the doors from scratches. Body-side molding is another accessory that will protect the doors from dings and scratches. The molding is placed on the Crosstour’s doors where they extend out the most. Not only is this accessory great for preserving the paint, but it is also a nice styling touch.

2015 honda crosstour accessories

All-season floor mats are designed to trap dirt and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The rear cargo tray is constructed with high-quality molded plastic so that it can also be cleaned with soap and water. It has raised sides so if spills happen, it won’t get to other areas of your car.

View all available 2015 Honda Crosstour accessories at the Honda eStore. Do you own a different model-year Crosstour? Check out the eStore for accessories for your model year.

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