Yahoo Autos Names the Honda Fit its 2015 Value Car of the Year

November 11th, 2014 by

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The 2015 Honda Fit Wins Yahoo Auto’s Value Car of the Year

Yahoo Autos just came out with its annual awards for multiple categories including car of the year, enthusiast car of the year, and the always competitive, value car of the year. This year, the 2015 Honda Fit walked away with Yahoo Auto’s Value Car of the Year Award!

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How the 2015 Honda Fit Stood Up to its Competition

Just like  for any car award, there are a ton of factors that have to be considered for each of the nominees and the Honda Fit won it all. One factor that is quite impressive is that, of all the nominees in the value car category, the Honda Fit had the lowest sticker price of them all, at $21,590. One big takeaway by all of the reviewers, the Honda Fit had a lot of features that weren’t available on similarly priced vehicles or even significantly more expensive models, like a navigation system.

This new generation looks and feels bigger than the prior Honda Fit, while it is actually a little more than an inch shorter. They loved the design of the Fit inside and out, every aspect of the car contributes to make it feel much more expensive than it actually it. They also noted and loved the versatility of the cargo area with the Magic Seats, saying:

 Meanwhile, the rear seat and cargo area offer unmatched space at this price; if a typical B-class car is the studio apartment of automobiles, the Honda Fit is the one-bedroom with closets.

They also addressed the available paddle shifters for the Fit that comes paired with the CVT transmission. On paper, it doesn’t really make sense, how would paddle shifters work with a transmission that doesn’t have any gears? It boils down to the paddles changing rev bands, and the Yahoo Autos editor-at-large accepted that the effect is a gimmick, but he loved the feel of it in the fun loving little car. The suspension for the 2015 is also stiffer than the previous year which helps the Fit stick to the road and be enjoyable to drive.

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The Honda Fit Comes With Features You Would Not Expect From a Value Car

While Yahoo mainly tested the $21,590 model of the Fit, they also took out a Honda Fit LX. While the LX model only had a sticker price of $15,525, it still came equipped with a rear view camera, iPod integration, and Bluetooth. They noted that these features didn’t come with the $46,000 BMW M235i that they looked at which gave the Fit a huge edge. To sum up their thoughts, they said:

If we had to buy a lot of car for not much money, there’s no better place to start than the Fit.

What do you think of the 2015 Honda Fit?