Winter Driving Tips to Keep Denver Drivers Safe

December 5th, 2014 by

Winter Driving - Slippy ConditionsTo help you get down the winter road, Fisher Honda has a few suggestions that should make winter driving around Denver a little less stressful. Read on to know how you can ensure your safety on the icy roads to come.

Basic Winter Driving Tips

There are a few basic tips that all drivers should know to be safer when driving on tricky winter roads:

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Deflated or uneven tires can cause you to loose traction on slippery roads.
  • Never mix radials with other types of tires. Mixing tires with different traction capabilities can cause you to loose traction on the roadway.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze-up. This also keeps you from getting stranded in a freezing car should you get stuck in the snow.
  • Never use cruise control on slippery surfaces. If you lose traction while the cruise is on and then suddenly regain it, it can send your vehicle sliding off the road or cause you to spin out of control.

Snow Driving Tips

Driving in the snow is a challenge for even the most seasoned Denver drivers. One wrong move and the road you’re driving on can slide out from under you. Following a few basic safety tips can help you get through the winter safely, no matter the conditions outside.

  • Take your time – Drive slowly and allow adequate  following distance – roughly 2-3 times what you normally would.  This will give you time to react should the unexpected happen.
  • If you lose traction, don’t panic – Take your foot off the gas, avoid the brake, down shift, and steer the car into the spin.
  • Avoid stopping, if you can – When coming to a traffic signal, or going up a hill, it is helpful if you can keep the car rolling. It can be difficult to gain traction again if you come to a full stop.
  • Do not gun the engine – Giving the vehicle extra gas when you’re stuck – or going up a hill – can lead to a fishtail.

Best Cars for Winter Driving

Choosing the right car for driving in winter conditions is essential if you plan on living in the Denver area for long. A flashy sports car might be fun in the summer, but when the weather hits, you’ll wish you had chosen an AWD model to help you get around town.

Fortunately, Honda has two very attractive SUVs that fill that order nicely:

  • Honda CRV AWD LX The most efficient model of the CRV family, this fuel efficient all-wheel drive vehicle was chosen as Motor Trend’s SUV of the year for 2015 because of its exceptional value, advanced safety features, and forward-thinking design. The standard vehicle stability assist and available lane departure warning system will help you keep your CRV – and your precious cargo – safer, no matter what this Denver winter throws your way.
  • Honda Pilot 4WD LX – Attractive and functional, the Honda Pilot has available seating for 8 and more than enough power from the V6 power plant to get drivers where they need to go no matter what the weather. With standard vehicle stability assist and ABS braking with electronic brake distribution, the Honda Pilot will keep you on the road and out of trouble.

2015 Honda CR-V
2015 Honda CR-V

2015 Honda Pilot
2015 Honda Pilot

Fisher Honda Can Help You Get Through Another Denver Winter

If you’ve decided that your current vehicle just isn’t going to cut it, come into Fisher Honda and take a test drive in one of our efficient, capable all-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. Our friendly sales staff are waiting here to help you find just the right car to keep you and your family safe this winter. Our dealership is easy to find at 6025 Arapahoe Road in Boulder. We look forward to showing you the Honda difference.