Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

November 14th, 2014 by

Woman talking to car mechanicIf you’re a Longmont driver, you are no stranger to harsh winters, and as you probably know, cold weather can have quite an effect on your vehicle’s system, causing everything from sluggish start-ups to engine damage, and more. Longmont winters also mean icy road conditions, which can drastically reduce the traction of your wheels, endangering not only the driver but others on the road. In order to help you prepare your vehicle for this upcoming winter, Fisher Honda has made this winter car maintenance checklist of everything your car needs to drive with confidence come January.

  • Cooling System Remember to check your fluid levels and concentrations. Diluted antifreeze is no better than water in a radiator when exposed to the elements. A cold snap can freeze that fluid and destroy everything connected to it. Also remember to check fans and belts for excess wear and damage, replacing any that look like they might need it.
  • Oil – Make sure your oil and filter changes are up-to-date and your fluid levels are topped off. Check you car’s vehicle maintenance schedule to see when this should normally be taken care of. If you expect excessively cold weather, change over to a winter-grade oil, which has a lower viscosity and will make starting your vehicle in cold weather easier.
  • Wipers – Replace windshield wipers that aren’t performing to spec. Streaky, ineffective blades can leave you blind on the road, which can be dangerous for you and everyone else.
  • Battery – Cold weather effects your vehicle’s electrical system by reducing the amps available for hard starts. If you aren’t sure when you purchased your last battery, or your car seem sluggish to start, take your vehicle in and have the battery tested and replaced if necessary.
  • Tires – Tires with missing or worn tread are dangerous in ice and snow. Tires without sufficient traction are prone to slide on smooth, icy surfaces. Replace worn tires and consider all-season radials or studded snow tires for better traction. Also remember to check the air pressure to insure that the tires are running to spec and can perform as they were designed to do.
  • Emergency Supplies – In addition to vehicle preparation, drivers should be prepared for emergencies. Winter vehicles should be stocked with warm gloves, boots, dry socks, a warm coat, a small shovel, tire chains, a flashlight, emergency food and water, and an emergency battery pack to charge your cell phone.

Cross off Everything on Your Winter Car Maintenance Checklist at Fisher Honda

Having your car inspected by an ASE certified technician before the hard winter weather hits will keep you safely on the road and out of trouble. Longmont drivers can bring their vehicles into Fisher Honda. We’ll make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to drive safely this winter. Visit us online to schedule your winter inspection or for more winter car maintenance tips.

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