Car ?’s- Why is Synthetic Motor Oil More Expensive than Conventional Oil

September 19th, 2014 by


The Big Question- The Difference Between Synthetic and Conventional Motor Oil

This question comes up all the time and most consumers are wondering about it even if they never think to ask. What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oil and why does synthetic  oil cost more. Both types of motor oil serve the same function, so why does an oil change with synthetic oil cost as much as double one with conventional oil? It comes down to how the two type of oil are refined and how well the function.

Conventional oil, or mineral oil, is refined from primarily crude oil and has been made with a common process that has been established for quite awhile. Synthetic oil is technology’s attempt to make a better oil than what nature has provided us with. The process of refinement is more complex, as well as the combination of substances that make it up, adding to the cost. The payoff is that you don’t need to replace synthetic oil near as often as conventional motor oil.

How to Approach you Motor Oil Decision

Look to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for if its recommended to take conventional of synthetic motor oil, as well as what the recommended intervals are. Synthetic oil is developed specifically for its job and does it well, it can last twice as long or longer than conventional motor oil. The reason is that synthetic oil is refined to be thinner than conventional motor oil which causes less wear on the engine as well as less wear on the oil. Synthetic oil is also developed to better withstand the compression and temperatures oil endures in an engine.

For these reasons, you may pay double for an oil change with synthetic oil, but  you’ll also only have to perform half as many (or less) oil changes on your vehicle. It really does come down to preference and your habits though. Do you have conventional oil and then sometime forget to have you oil changed on time, potentially for an extra thousand miles? Then maybe you want to go with synthetic oil to prevent that wear and tear on your engine because you have more time in between services.

Whatever service choice you make for your car, still check you oil in between changes to monitor the level and prevent an serious issues from coming up. What’re your oil change habits? Let us know in the comments below.