Used Car Spotlight- 2006 Volkswagen GTI 2 Door Hatchback

September 12th, 2014 by

06 VW GTI 1

Check out this Used 2006 VW GTI 2 Door Hatchback

The Volkswagen GTI has a great reputation for good reason, it offers the practicality of a family hatchback with a surprising amount of performance mixed in, that’s why people love it. We now have a 2006 VW GTI 2 door on the lot that really has a lot to offer to its next owner, both in practicality and fun. For being almost a decade old, its in great shape inside and out. There are some 06 VW GTI 2blemishes, which has to be expected at its age, but they are easily overlooked. We overview them in a video overview we have posted here, but the most significant flaws are a ding on the passenger side and scratches on the rear bumper.

The Appeal of the VW Golf

Moving on from those insignificant flaws, the GTI is a terrific car with almost universal appeal. If you’re in the market for a car, this one could be for you. Some may be concerned about the size of the car given this is a two door, but because it’s a hatchback the back seats are surprising spacious and easily accessible. All of the leather seats show minimal signs of wear despite the car’s 96,000 mile history. The interior also has many features that you may not expect from its price point, the trim is actual metal alloy and there are little touches everywhere that show the stellar build quality. The power sunroof adds even more to the spacious feel of the cabin. The interior of this car feels great all around and the spacious back seats make you forget that this is a two door, which is a killer feature. Folding down the back seats offers an ample 41.8 cubic foot cargo area which adds a ton of flexibility to this hatchback.

06 VW GTI 3The performance features of this small hatchback really make it stand out from the crowd. The 2.0L turbo engine provides 200 horsepower to this front wheel drive car and it handles astoundingly. Not only is this a great car for the average joe, professional reviewers who drive Ferraris regularly gush about the appeal of the GTI. The 6-speed DSG automatic transmission with Tiptronic shifts perfectly and offers a ton of performance while managing to provide great fuel economy at 31mpg hwy/ 25mpg city. The paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel add to the sporty feel of the car and your control over the advanced twin clutch transmission.

The exterior styling of the car is refined from the classic look of the Volkswagen Golf, but has some aggressive accents to hint at the GTI performance. The 18 inch alloy rims are hard to miss and look great, even with the minimal curb rash. The red accents you can spot around the exterior of the GTI look great against the Black Magic exterior and distinctly show that this is no ordinary VW Golf.

If you’re scanning the market for the right car for you, you owe it to yourself to give a VW GTI a spin, there’s a reason it’s often referred to as “the People’s Car. ” This car can offer everything most people want and a ton more for the price, so why not get an even better deal on a used GTI in awesome condition at Fisher Auto.