Used Car Spotlight- 2006 Ford Mustang Convertible

September 11th, 2014 by

2006 Ford Mustang 1

Check out this 2006 Ford Mustang convertible! The legend of the Ford Mustang continues today and this model celebrates the Mustang’s return to the retro styling of its initial years. This V6 2006 Ford Mustang 2convertible affords you 210 horsepower while still achieving 28 mpg on the highway, which is great for a rear wheel drive sports car. Not only does this car have an iconic look, it features a convertible top for a true sports car experience while providing more practicality than you would expect.

This Mustang offers a ton of space for the two front seats, which are in awesome condition. The leather of the front seats shows minimal signs of wear and the back seats are in incredible condition. Transitioning to the back seats, not only do they look great, I had a decent amount of room in the back seat behind the driver seat which I had positioned comfortably for me, which is a nice feature in a two door convertible. Another big deal is the fact that when you fold the top down, it doesn’t go into the trunk. So, even when you want to go cruising with the top down, you still have full access to the 13.1 cubic foot trunk.

2006 Ford Mustang 3

Although this Mustang is close to a decade old, you would never know from the look of it. The paint is pristine and I highly doubt you’ll find any  car with 53,000 miles on it that is in this stellar of condition. The wheel have a classic look to them and the Michelin tires wrapped around the rims are in like new condition.

If you’ve thought about getting yourself a Mustang, this is a great way to get an awesome deal on the car of you dreams in incredible condition. This is a car you need to see for yourself to appreciate, so come down to Fisher Auto today to see the impeccable condition this convertible is in.