Used Car Spotlight- 2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

March 3rd, 2015 by

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A Perfectly Affordable Luxury Sport Wagon- the Acura TSX

We’ve got a pretty rare wagon which is perfect for the CO lifestyle! This 2011 Acura TSX Sports Wagon has all the practicality of a wagon, while being loaded with the luxury and technology features that Acura’s are known for. Both wagons and crossover vehicles are very popular in this market for their functional value, but many lack the luxury feel in favor of a totally utilitarian appeal. Take a look around this Acura and see that it is a great balance of functionality and premium features, which could make it your perfect next car!

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Aggressive Exterior Styling

First thing you’ll notice about this Acura TSX wagon, especially if you’ve never been around one of these limited run vehicles (4,000 in 2011), is that it is a great looking car with aggressive styling and this one has been meticulously maintained. The stock silver paint looks great with very few blemishes to speak of, and you really have to look to find any mark that shows that this car has gone just over 61,000 miles. The stock rim are in great shape and look stunning with the lines of this wagon. The performance tires wrapped around the rims are also in great shape with plenty of tread and life left. In addition to the utility that the wagon adds to this Acura, you’ll also notice that it features roof rails that the sedan version could not offer. Roof rails add a ton of versatility to a car that already had a bunch of tricks up its sleeve by allowing the addition of crossbars and a selection of different attachment racks for anything from skiing to general cargo containers. On top of everything else, experts at Car and Driver say that:

 “This is arguably the best-looking member of the TSX lineup and is close to the Audi A4 for visual leadership in the class.”

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2011 acura tsx wagon-4Acura’s Meticulous Luxury Interior Stands Out From the Crowd

Take a look inside and you’ll really see what separates this Acura TSX Sports Wagon from the other hatchbacks and wagons that you can find around this price point. The interior of this wagon has been maintained just as well as the exterior, if not better. The seats still look new, even the driver’s seat which always shows the most wear, still looks like new thanks to the durable, yet supple leather interior. The TSX Sport Wagon came equipped with standard features such as the aforementioned all leather interior, Bluetooth, a USB port, a premium sound system, and a power driver seat. In a landscape filled with wagons focused on function over form, this Acura has all the luxury you could ask for and is in like new condition.

It’s no slouch on the road either! The 201 horsepower 4 cylinder engine is mated with a 5-speed automatic transmission equipped with paddle shifters for a more connected driving experience. The performance tires on it are in great shape and this TSX has great steering feel through the wheels and steering wheel. The components all come together for a memorable driving experience.

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This Acura TSX Sports Wagon Could be the Perfect Vehicle for You

This Acura is really an intriguing combination of functionality, luxury and performance all wrapped up in an affordable package. This Acura has been inspected by our certified Honda technicians and is in stellar mechanical shape just as it is cosmetically. If you’re in the market for a functional wagon for all of your adventures but would like a lot of luxury and a bit of performance in the mix, this TSX Sports Wagon is definitely worth a look.