Used Car Spotlight- 2009 MINI Cooper S

October 15th, 2014 by

2009 Mini cooper s 1

Used 2009 Mini Cooper S

We have a treat on the lot right now, a 2009 Mini Cooper S. Not only does this car stand out from the crowd, but it is a total blast to drive without being a pain at the pump. Being a hatchback, you still get a fair amount of utility in this car despite the size. While this is a used car with about 41,000 miles on it, you would be hard pressed to determine that from the shape of the interior. This car is in incredible shape inside and out with the only blemish that I could find being a small ding on the rear lift gate. Given the color of the car, the dent is hard to notice, especially on such a visually appealing car.

2009 Mini cooper s 2

If you have never driven a Mini before, you owe it to yourself to take one for a spin at some point, check out what Car and Driver has to say about them here. The handling is incredible with every model in Mini’s lineup, and since this one is a Cooper S, everything is taken up to 11. The acceleration on this car really catches you off guard because it just looks so cute and then it takes off, power by a 172 horsepower inline 4 cylinder turbo-charged engine.

Another experience that comes with driving a Mini Cooper is the interior setup, its hard to forget you’re in a Mini when you’re in a Mini, but not because of the space. I had plenty of space in the front seats of this Cooper, but the dash is one and only. The tachometer juts out of the dash in front of the driver as a little standalone bubble of a display. In the center of the dashboard is the speedometer, which is, not exaggerating, about 8″ in diameter. It’s about half the size of the steering wheel and is a novel sight that is unique to Mini’s.

2009 Mini cooper s 3If you have never been in a Mini, the reputation and look might have you holding some reservations about your own comfort. I had plenty of room in the driver seat of the car and didn’t feel cramped at all, same with the passenger seat. Given the long flat roof with dual sunroofs and all the windows, the space feels much larger than it is. I sat in the back seat behind the driver seat with it positioned where I had it set up, and it wasn’t spacious but I had enough space to sit comfortably. The trunk space in this Mini Cooper S is somewhat limited but there’s enough there for some groceries or other common items. But, since this is a hatchback, you always have to option to fold down the back seat and drastically expand your cargo space, making it really functional for something of its size.

There’s my quick overview of this Mini Cooper S, it’s a blast to drive, has great fuel economy, and is surprisingly functional for its size. This Mini gets 34 mpg on the highway and 26 in the city, you would be hard pressed to find something with this much power that is this fun to drive with better fuel economy than this. Come on in to Fisher Auto today to take if for a test drive and check out our video overview below.

Click Here for the Mini Cooper S Video Overview