The Influence of Honda Racing

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Honda Racing In The Motorsport Community

With the reputation that Honda has created over many years of hard work it’s not hard to believe that Honda is so involved in the motorsports community. With the forming of Honda Performance Development (HPD) in 1993, Honda Racing has become a leading name in almost every aspect of motorsport. Over the past years Honda has realized the appeal of high performance sports. Honda does not only use this for the development of their race teams, but use this to better all aspects of the cars they build for consumers. The good thing about developing a race car is that you understand all aspects of automotive performance when it is on the edge of what is possible. This then makes a manufacturer look at cars built for the road from a completely different point of view.

Honda World Touring Car Championship

Honda World Touring Car Championship

Parts From Honda Racing in Everyday Cars

Through racing a manufacturer realizes why a race car needs specific brakes, suspension setup, and design of the car to keep the driver safe while maximizing performance. Honda Racing uses the data they gather to help influence the design and engineering of the cars that are built for the road. Honda Racing has contributed to the ACE body frame design that is now used in the cars.

A racing engine is a very technically advanced piece of equipment. Each engine requires a lot hours to build. This is to ensure that the engine will perform at maximum performance for a long period of time, with no risk of anything going wrong. Honda has in turn taken the knowledge that they have learned from building engines for racing and have put that into the assembly of the consumer engines. The engines they put in the cars you see on the dealer lot have been designed to be as strong and as durable as possible.

Honda Racing at Pikes Peak 2013

Honda Racing at Pikes Peak 2013

Honda Racing is very involved in touring car racing, which is normal road cars that have been modified to race, as well as engine development for other racing series. Honda Racing focuses so much energy on these things because they can be directly related to the cars built for that road. Building an engine that can withstand the intense lifestyle of racing can help make longer lasting, more durable engines for the road.

Without an understanding from research and development from the high performance race teams, the technology used for road cars may not be as advanced as it is today. Honda is a prime example of everything that it takes to make a great consumer vehicle. Honda is fitting the best equipment to their vehicles to make them as safe and fun as possible for the customer.

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