The 2015 Honda Fit has Arrived!

June 18th, 2014 by

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The all new 2015 Honda Fit has arrived! It has received a complete redesign from Honda to make it the best car it has ever been with new features and a totally new look. Since the 2015 Fit starts at only $15,525, its an incredibly practical and affordable car for everyone from one of the most reliable and trusted automotive manufacturers in the world.

So let’s check out some of the new features!

IMG_0467To start out with the exterior, you’ll notice the car has entirely new lines and, given it is still a Fit, looks pretty aggressive. The car is wider than before, giving it a larger base and a lower look. The more angular look is matched by both grill designs and the headlights. The Fit also has available 16-inch alloy wheels which really top off its all new look.

But the interior is really where the Fit shines, there is so much function packed into this compact car! The coolest new features adds so much practicality to the Fit and that is that is the new second row Magic Seats. That’s a patent pending name from Honda by the way. The seats are a 60/40 split, which is pretty standard now, but they can fold up to leave the standard trunk as is and create and cabin height storage area in front of the seats for any tall items you need to fit in. This is accurately called “Tall Mode.” Then the seats fold down so low to the floor in creates a surface flush with the trunk area. You can split the seats so you still have some 2nd row seats and put the car into “Long Mode,” so as to fit in any longer items like a kayak. Then you can fold both down into “Utility Mode” to produce a 52.7 cu ft cargo area. Check out the video overview posted below for a demonstration.

In addition there is a 7″ touch screen on the center console with a ton of features from GPS and music  to the new Honda Link system for communicating with your other devices and the Aha app. The ECON button is a simple way to get better fuel economy, just push the button and the Fit will automatically make adjustments to the fuel consuming systems  to maximize your efficiency.  To switch back to performance mode, simply push the button again. Keeping with maximizing fuel economy, Honda had put an Eco Assist coaching system onto the dashboard. To either side of the speedometer, there are coaching bars that can shift from blue to green depending on how efficiently you’re driving. The more they stay green, the more miles you’ll get from a tank of gas.


The Fit features several plug ins for devices including USB plug ins to allow you to plug your device directly into the Fit’s sounds system to access all of your music. The center console armrest also features a USB port and is large enough to accommodate most tablets so you can always keep your accessories charged with the Fit. Controls mounted on the steering wheel allow you to control your entertainment without being distracted from driving.

The redesign on the 2015 Honda Fit improves on everything that was great in the previous model while keeping the formula similar in all of its most substantial ways. If you loved the old Fit, the 2015 model will appeal to you in all the same ways while continually impressing you with all of the new features we’ve packed into this compact car. They’re just now arriving so give us a call or come in today to schedule your test drive!

Check out the video overview of the car that we produced here