How Many Miles Do Tires Last?

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No matter what tires you choose to buy, all sets wear out with time. A set of brand new OEM tires can be expected to last around 50,000 miles of Louisville, but your driving style and terrain also play a role in that estimate. Learn how many miles should tires last with help from Fisher Honda, and visit us in Boulder for all of your automotive needs.

What Variables Affect Tires Life Expectancy? 

For many Broomfield drivers, there’s a big difference between the questions “how many miles do tires last” and “how many miles should tires last.” Not every journey is under picture-perfect driving conditions, and extra stress and strain can shorten your tire lifespan. Here are a few of the factors that make a difference:

  • Type of tire: A set of high-performance tires was built to handle fast paces and sharp turns, so they grip the roads tightly – which means extra wear and tear. All-season tires have less rolling resistance, so they tend to last longer.
  • Treadwear rating: Every new set of tires in the tire center carries its own treadwear rating. This offers an estimate of the life expectancy of the tire treads.
  • Drivetrain: You’ll find different wear patterns on front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive vehicles, due to the differences in engine force
  • Road conditions: Less than ideal road conditions include gravel or dirt roads, construction zones, snow, salt, rain, and ice. Off-roading can also damage your tires faster than standard Longmont cruising.
  • Terrain: Flat surfaces are less taxing on tires than steep uphills, due to the amount of friction on the tires.
  • Driving habits: A harsher driving style can cause both the engine and tires to work harder than they need. Gradual acceleration and coasting to a brake is preferably when possible.

Tire Care Tips and Tricks

So, what can you do to improve the longevity of your tires? Here are a few tips and tricks to get started.

  • Proper air pressure is key to maximize performance, so be sure to check your pressure regularly. While you’re at it, check your tire tread to make sure your tread level is within the recommended guidelines.
  • Rotate and align your tires as part of your scheduled maintenance. This helps to even out the wear over time.
  • Don’t put off your schedule maintenance at Fisher Honda. While it’s tempting to delay that inspection when your car seems fine, our technicians can help ensure that your car really goes the extra mile.

Schedule Your Service with Fisher Honda

Whether you’re looking for a new set of tires or planning your next maintenance service, visit Fisher Honda in Boulder for all of your automotive needs. Contact us with any questions or schedule your service online!


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