Returning Your Leased Car at Lease End

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Is Your Lease Return Giving You Cold Sweats? Fisher Honda Can Help!

Let’s be honest, returning a leased Vehicle in Boulder can feel like navigating a mountain pass during a blizzard. Stressful, confusing, and maybe a little white-knuckled? We hear you, Boulder drivers! Here at Fisher Honda, we’re here to turn your lease return into a smooth and stress-free victory lap.

Why Choose Fisher Honda for Your Hassle-Free Lease Return?

  • Clear Communication, Not Double-Talk: Our friendly experts will walk you through every step of the lease termination process, making sure you understand everything from paperwork to inspection. No more feeling lost in car lease lingo!
  • Thorough Inspection, Not Hidden Fees: We’ll do a detailed inspection of your Honda to determine any excess wear and tear charges. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed throughout the process, so no unexpected fees will surprise you later.
  • Seamless Transition, Not Return Day Blues: Whether you’re planning to buy out your lease, lease a brand new Honda, or simply return the keys and walk away, we’ll make the handover smooth and easy. No need to dread the end of your lease term!

Ready to Ditch the Lease-Return Anxiety?

Here are some Pro Tips for your Lease End Lease Return:

  • Know Your Lease: Take a quick peek at your lease agreement to refresh yourself on mileage limits and wear-and-tear policies.
  • Pre-Return Inspection Power-Up: Schedule a pre-inspection at Fisher Honda before your lease ends. This way, you can address any minor issues and avoid potential excess wear-and-tear charges.
  • Gather Your Lease-Return Arsenal: Have all your lease paperwork handy, including your lease agreement and registration documents. Think of it as gathering the documents to conquer lease-return day!

Your Options for Returning Your Leased Honda

Let’s face it, the unknown can be scary. Here’s a breakdown of the most common lease return options to help you decide:

  • Return the Honda and Walk Away: This is the simplest option. You simply return the vehicle to the dealership at the end of the lease term, and you’re no longer obligated. However, you’ll be responsible for any excess wear and tear charges outlined in your lease agreement.
  • Buy Out Your Lease and Own the Honda: If you love your Honda and want to keep it, you can purchase it from the leasing company for a predetermined price set in your lease contract. This option can be a good choice if the car’s market value is higher than the buyout price.
  • Prologue LeaseLease a New Honda: This is a popular option for drivers who always want the latest Honda model. You can simply return your current lease and start a new lease on a brand new Honda.
  • Trade-In Your Leased Vehicle for a New Car (Any Make or Model): You can trade in your vehicle at the Fisher Honda dealership, even if it’s not a Honda vehicle. The trade-in value can be used towards the down payment on a new car, of any make or model.

Some Additional Factors To Consider When Making Your Lease Return Decision:

  • Mileage: Review your lease agreement for the allowed mileage limits. If you go over the limit, you may be responsible for excess mileage fees.
  • Vehicle Condition: The dealership will assess the condition of your Honda at lease end. Any excessive wear and tear beyond normal use will result in fees. Consider getting a pre-inspection to identify any potential issues you can address before returning the car.
  • Market Value of the Honda: If the market value of your Honda is higher than the buyout price in your lease, then buying it out might be a good financial decision. You can research the car’s value online using resources like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds.
  • Your Future Car Needs: Think about what kind of car you’ll need in the future. Do you want to stick with a Honda, or are you open to exploring other makes and models?

Ultimately, the best lease return option depends on your individual circumstances and needs. The finance department at Fisher Honda can help you review your lease agreement and discuss your options in more detail.

Contact Fisher Honda in Boulder Today!

Ready to discuss your lease ending options and ensure a smooth transition? Contact Fisher Honda in Boulder, CO, today! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Visit the Fisher Honda showroom and the New & Used car parking lot or call us at 303-245-6417 to schedule an appointment.

Let’s turn your lease return into a stress-free victory lap!

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