Pairing Your Phone With the Honda Crosstour

July 23rd, 2014 by

Pairing your Bluetooth phone to your new vehicle for the first time can be stressful process.  To avoid the use of any four letter words, we’ve broken it down for you here.


1. Once you have your phone out and ready, press the Call/ Voice Command on the lower left of the steering wheel.

2. The car will prompt you about the system. Press the voice command button and say “Yes” to continue.

3. Listen the the system prompt. It will announce that it is searching for your phone and generates pairing code.

4. Double check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, and scan for new devices from the Bluetooth menu on your phone. This command will differ based on the make and model of phone.

5. Your phone will list your vehicle’s system as a variation of “HandsFreeLink.” Select this option on your phone.

6. Your phone will now ask for the pairing code, enter the one the system presented and hit “done,” then “OK.”

7. Your phone is now connected, and the audio system will ask  you to name your device. Press the voice command button and announce the name you want to assign.

8. The system will now offer you a Bluetooth tutorial, if you’re not interested, simply say “no” to exit.


This process is identical to many other Honda vehicles, including all of those that feature the Honda Hands Free Link but lack a navigation system.