New S2000 Rumors!

August 8th, 2014 by


A New Honda S2000 is in the Works!

Reports are in that Honda has approved the speculated revival of the popular S2000 ! All of the current info out there is speculation but the vehicle itself is all but officially confirmed by Honda. Of the rumors currently circulating, there are some universally circulating rumors across sites that suggest they may be legitimate.


2015 Honda Civic Type-R

The first is that the car will be mid-engine for better weight distribution, which sounds pretty exciting given how uncommon mid-engine cars are here in America outside of exotics. The second common thought is that the new S2000 will share the turbo charged 2.0L 4-cyclinder  engine with the new Civic Type-R. It is also thought that the new S2000 will feature an electric motor in addition to the 4-cylinder for an impressive combined horsepower.

Aside from these common rumors, there is wild speculation going on around whether it will be RWD or based on a AWD system. The transmission is still up in the air. Styling rumors suggest it will borrow looks from the upcoming NSX and the Honda S660 concept car, but again, nothing is known for sure and the car is likely years away.

What do you think about a new revival of the Honda S2000?

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