Modified Honda Fits with #ProjectFit

September 25th, 2014 by

Honda Hands over 6 2015 Honda Fits for Customization

In an effort to showcase how customizable the 2015 Fit is, Honda has given 6 tuning teams brand new 2015 Honda Fits. The teams will have until the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas to complete their customized 2015 Honda Fits. Honda will show off all the custom #ProjectFit cars at the SEMA show this November 4th through 7th.

Bisimoto Fit

Bisimoto’s previous work

Who’s modifying the 2015 Honda Fits?

Honda has left the modifications up to 6 teams that include Bisimoto Engineering, Kontrabands, MAD Industires, Spoon Sports USA, Tjin Edition and Kenny Vinces. While all the teams are impressive, they are extraordinarily diverse. For example; Spoon Sports USA creates performance products for Hondas while Kenny Vinces focuses more on building show cars. Because of this diversity you can expect to see some wildly different modified 2015 Honda Fit’s at the SEMA show.

What Modifications Will the 2015 Honda Fits Receive?

The modifications won’t be known for sure until the reveal at SEMA. We can expect to see all sorts of suspension work, custom paint, new wheels, engine modifications, and maybe even some custom body work. The modifications on these Fits might just inspire you to take a wrench to your own 2015 Honda Fit.

Where to Watch #ProjectFit

You can keep track of #ProjectFit on Honda’s Tumblr page or by searching #ProjectFit on most social media platforms. Check out some of the modifications that have already been done to the Fits.

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Vote for the Best 2015 Honda Fit

Vote for your favorite Fit by liking or reblogging posts tagged on the #ProjectFit Tumblr page. A Tumblr account is required to vote, but it’s free to create an account if you aren’t on Tumblr. You can only like or reblog each individual post once, so votes are limited. At the end of the competition the team with the most likes or reblogs will be crowned the Fan Favorite. We can’t wait to see how the custom 2015 Honda Fits Look