7-inch Display Audio System

Honda puts touchscreen technology and the management of your media front and center with the 2015 Honda Fit Display Audio 7-inch display. By using controls that are familiar to any smartphone user (pinch for zoom, swipe to move to the next page), Honda has optimized their Display Audio interface to give you easy control over your music, communications, and more when you’re behind the wheel of the Fit. This crystal-clear display also gives you a direct connection to the next-gen HondaLink telematics interface, powered by Aha.

2015 Honda Fit Audio Display

There’s practically no limit to what your Display Audio touchscreen interface can accomplish on a 2015 Honda Fit. Some of our favorites include:

  • HondaLink Next Generation: Bring the digital world to the road with HondaLink. Your favorite iPhone apps can be accessed directly from the 2015 Honda Fit 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen without ever having to fumble for your phone while driving, and the HondaLink Aha integration brings your favorite content to the dash of your Fit. Audiobooks, podcasts, music, social media, restaurant recommendations, and more are literally at your fingertips thanks to Aha and HondaLink.
  • Pandora Internet Radio: Whether you use Pandora on your home computer, your smartphone, your work computer, or all of the above, you can get access to those same custom radio stations in your car. Better yet, if you hear a song you love on the road, give it a thumbs up and your work playlist will know you love it; the same goes for a song you’d rather not here—just press that thumbs-down button.
  • SMS Texting: What can you do when you need to stay connected but can’t be texting and driving? The Honda Fit can send your SMS text messages directly to the 7-inch Display Audio screen to keep you connected to your phone in case there’s something that simply can’t wait.


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