Honda at the Shanghai Motor Show

April 21st, 2015 by



Honda Introduces the Concept D at the Shanghai Motor Show

Automakers have been excited for years about the potential market for their vehicles that China can offer. China’s buying power has developed more and more and Honda and other automakers have been not only introducing their vehicles to the market there, but developing new models specifically to meet the needs of Chinese consumers in the market for a new car. Honda has a new concept vehicle specifically designed for the Chinese market at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show.



Honda’s New Flagship SUV in China, the Concept D

Honda has had some success already in the Chinese market, selling 788,276 vehicles in 2014 as the market grows and develops. Now with a new vehicle being released with features specifically catering the Chinese markets needs, Honda hopes to solidify their already strong foothold in the market. The new concept vehicle, the Honda Concept D, is based off the highly anticipated HR-V with some distinctive changes to make it further appeal to Chinese consumers.

This new Honda model has been optimized for Chinese market where it will compete as a luxury crossover vehicle offering a spacious cabin, a premium driving experience, and many desirable technology features. Additionally, the Concept D will offer the most advanced safety features and technologies that Honda has developed. Not many details have been released about the interior features of the D aside from the fact  that the vehicle is designed to be a top end SUV and it will be Honda’s flagship model in the market.

With the introduction of this new flagship model, Honda is bringing more and more focus to the Chinese domestic market especially in regard to being a industry leader in their SUV and crossover markets.

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