Honda Introduces a Self Driving Car Concept

September 10th, 2014 by


Honda Introduces a Self Driving Car

Honda has introduced its own take on the idea of a self driving car in the form of a prototype sedan with a rack of guidance equipment on top. The equipment consists of GPS tracking, multiple radar sensors on each side and a beacon on top that projects laser beams to constantly check the vehicles surroundings. These systems allow it to follow a selected course while obeying the speed limit.

The current system only can be used in highway driving situations so when a driver is approaching a highway on-ramp, the system will prompt the driver if they want the car to take over. If the driver approves, the car will accelerate to the legal speed limit and merge into traffic. The system handles signaling and finding a spot large enough to merge into as well as braking if traffic slows down. If anything too crazy for the system happens on the highway, the system turns driving back over to the driver and the driver always has the option to take over. This could easily change as the system gets more sophisticated and has programming for more situations.

The system is quite capable even though it is in the early stages of its development, but Honda announced that it could be integrated into production Honda models by 2020. There a many aspects that need to be addressed before we are legally ready for self driving cars, and the hardware Honda is using will need to be minimized on a production model, as it is still quite bulky at this stage.

Are You Ready for a Self Driving Honda?

This could be an integral part of your commute, or the way that Uber and taxis work in the near future. What do you think about Honda offering its cars with a self driving application in them?