Honda Envisions Collision-Free Colorado Communities

January 2nd, 2024 by

Honda’s Vision: From Model-Year 2020 to a Collision-Free 2050

At Honda, every drive begins with a promise – the promise of safe and joyful mobility. We believe all lives are precious, and that’s why safety sits at the very heart of everything we do. From meticulous engineering to cutting-edge technology, we’re relentless in our pursuit of creating cars that not only perform, but protect.

But our passion for safety doesn’t stop at a Honda’s dashboard. We care about everyone sharing the road, from fellow drivers to cyclists and pedestrians. That’s why we’re not just building safer cars, we’re pioneering a radically transformed mobility experience: a Cooperative Car Society where collisions become a relic of the past.

Imagine a world where traffic jams are a relic of the past, replaced by a seamless flow of safe self-driving cars weaving through city streets in perfect harmony. Where pedestrians and cyclists navigate bustling intersections with unwavering confidence, protected by a watchful network of intelligent vehicles. A world where accidents are not just rare, they’re unthinkable.

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Creating a Cooperative Car Society

This is the future Honda is building, brick by brick, starting with Model Year 2020. It’s not just about safer cars, it’s about a Cooperative Car Society, a transportation ecosystem where every element – cars, roads, pedestrians – are connected and coordinated. Constantly learning and adapting to prevent collisions before they even have a chance to happen.

  • Intelligent vehicles dance through city streets in perfect harmony, weaving a seamless flow of traffic.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists navigate bustling intersections with unwavering confidence, protected by a watchful network of smart machines.
  • Accidents are not just statistically unlikely, they’re unthinkable.
  • Connected vehicles anticipate and seamlessly navigate every path, eliminating collisions before they even have a chance to happen.
  • Zero carbon emissions paint a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.
  • Cities transform to prioritize people, not congestion, unlocking the true potential of our shared spaces.

This dream isn’t science fiction, it is Honda’s reality roadmap to 2050.

The Roadmap to Zero Collisions:

  • Road Safety in 2020: The journey begins with an omni-directional safety system woven into every Honda. Lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking, and advanced driver assistance features become standard, laying the foundation for a 50% reduction in crashes.
  • Road Safety for 2030: The network expands, encompassing not just cars, but all road users. Pedestrians, cyclists, and even infrastructure are brought into the fold, sharing information and anticipating each other’s movements.
  • Road Safety in 2040: Collisions become a thing of the past. Honda-connected vehicles navigate with unerring precision, constantly communicating and adjusting to ensure everyone’s safety. This is the dawn of the Cooperative Car Society, where the freedom of mobility coexists with absolute peace of mind.
  • Road Safety for 2050: The dream comes full circle. Cars evolve into intelligent, interconnected machines forming a single, self-learning organism. Traffic flows freely, emissions dwindle, and cities adapt to prioritize people, not congestion.

This isn’t just Honda’s vision, it’s a responsibility. We believe in collaborating with other carmakers, researchers, and governments to make this future a reality. Together, we can save hundreds of thousands of lives and usher in a new era of safe, sustainable mobility.

Join us. Be a part of the Cooperative Car Society by Owning a New Honda.