Honda CR-V Accessories

September 24th, 2014 by
2014 Honda CR-V

2014 Honda CR-V

Whether you’re looking to personalize or add functionality to your Honda CR-V, we’ve got all of the latest Honda CR-V accessories for sale right here at Fisher Honda! Everything from additional cargo capacity to interior convenience can be found in our parts department. We only sell genuine Honda CR-V accessories, and our technicians will even install them for you upon request. Read for a closer look at some of the more popular accessories available for the Honda CR-V!

Exterior CR-V Accessories

The perfect way to transport recreational gear, make your CR-V more aerodynamic, and protect its exterior appearance is to invest in some exterior Honda CR-V accessories! Below are some of our more popular choices:

 Tailgate spoiler

Tailgate spoiler

  • Short Roof Box: For an extra 13 cubic feet of safe, secure roof storage, the short roof box is an excellent investment. It’s constructed with materials that are resistant to high impacts and UV light to better protect your cargo. This accessory mounts easily to the roof rails and crossbars, sold separately.
  • Running Boards: Made from high-strength steel and corrosion resistant aluminum, these running boards provide added splash protection and easier vehicle access for rear passengers. They also provide a more aggressive look to the Honda CR-V.
  • Tailgate Spoiler: Built to match the exact factory specifications of your Honda CR-V, the tailgate spoiler will make your CR-V more aerodynamic and give it a sporty appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

Interior CR-V Accessories

 Rear seat covers

Rear seat covers

Whether you’re looking for a better way to secure your valuables, organize your cargo, or protect your seats from messy passengers, there are interior Honda CR-V accessories that are sure to work for you. A brief sampling of interior accessories includes:

  • Cargo Organizer: A sturdy canvas storage compartment with dividers makes it easy for you to find your cargo while keeping it secure during transit. When not in use, this cargo organizer is collapsible and can be stored out of sight when hauling larger loads.
  • Rear Seat Covers: To keep the entire second row seats protected from spills, scratches, or any other form of damage, these durable rear seat covers do an excellent job! They are easy to install and machine washable.
  • All-Season Floor Mats: Fans of the outdoors might want to purchase these floor mats, so that the carpeting of your Honda CR-V stays protected. Made of rugged rubber material with a long lifespan, the functional design of these floor mats easily traps all types of debris.

Electronic CR-V Accessories

 Remote engine start

Remote engine start

Designed to make your driving experience that much easier, these electronic Honda CR-V accessories add convenience to your time behind the wheel:

  • Remote Engine Start: Perfect for those frigid winter months and sweltering summer months, remote engine start allows you to start your CR-V before entering, so that it can adjust the interior climate to your ideal setting for optimum comfort. A small LCD display shows your CR-V’s status, so that you can decide when its the perfect time to get in and go!
  • Back-Up Sensors: Four small proximity sensors provide an audible alert, if you are approaching an object behind your Honda CR-V. These sensors make reversing out of small parking spots with poor visibility that much easier.

Visit Fisher Honda for Your Honda CR-V Accessories Today

If you would like to outfit your Honda CR-V with one or more accessories at your local Boulder Honda dealer, shop the Fisher Honda parts department! You can order accessories online, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re available. When we have them in stock for you, visit our dealership at 6025 Arapahoe Road in Boulder to pick them up.