New Honda The Importance of the Honda Civic CNG and other Natural Gas Vehicles for Sale in Boulder near Denver

November 13th, 2014 by
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A Look Back at the 2104 Honda Civic CNG

Credit: USA Today, Huffington Post

As the release of the 2015 Honda Civic CNG approaches, lets take a look at the accolades and notoriety of the 2014 Honda Civic CNG. Although the Civic CNG isn’t seen on the road nearly as much as the Hybrid model, that’s more because of America’s unwillingness to fully embrace natural gas powered vehicles than the incredible environmentally conscious technology inside of the CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicle.

Why are Natural Gas Vehicles, Like the Civic CNG, Environmentally Appealing?

The appeal of natural gas comes both from the price of units of compressed natural gas, for statistics they use gasoline gallon equivalents, and from the reduced amount of emissions produced. Natural gas produces significantly less emissions than gasoline across the board with vehicle only suffering from a 3% decrease of performance which reviewers said was barely noticeable. listed the 2014 Honda Civic CNG on its 10 Greenest Vehicles of 2014 list, with the rest of the listed vehicles being either fully electric or hybrid vehicles. To put the difference in emissions in perspective, check out these statistics from

  • Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20% to 30%
  • Reducing carbon monoxide (CO) emissions up to 75%
  • Reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by approximately 50%
  •  Reducing up to 95% of particle matter (PM) emissions
  • Reducing volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions by 55%

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles in America

As Americans move more toward alternative fuel vehicles, natural gas is gaining popularity, although it is nowhere near the numbers in China, India, Latin America, and Europe where natural gas vehicles are commonplace. As more and more people look for options outside of gasoline powered engines, natural gas vehicles will gain more attention and will become more practical to own, although the U.S. does currently have a fair amount of compressed natural gas filling stations including in Boulder, Denver, and the surrounding area. You can see all of the stations in the U.S. to check your area at

Fisher Honda has one 2014 Honda Civic CNG remaining at Fisher Honda! Call 303-245-6406 to speak to a sales representative for more information and to schedule a test drive!

What do you think about compressed natural gas vehicles? Everyone has an opinion on what will be the next dominant fuel source for transportation, what’s yours?