Honda’s New AI-Powered Scenic Audio App for the Blind and Visually Impaired

April 17th, 2024 by

Experiencing the Journey – Bringing the Scenic Route to Life

Honda - Power of Dreams - LogoFisher Honda is thrilled to share the news of Honda’s groundbreaking new AI-based Scenic Audio App! This innovative technology empowers blind and visually impaired individuals to experience the beauty and wonder of their journeys alongside sighted passengers.

Transforming Every Drive into an Immersive Adventure

Developed by Honda utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the Scenic Audio App transforms car rides into immersive adventures. As you travel, the app utilizes real-time data to provide rich descriptions of the world outside your window. From picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks to bustling cityscapes and charming local features, the app narrates the scenery, bringing the outside world to life for those who cannot see it.

Committed to Inclusive Driving Experiences

At Fisher Honda, we believe the joy of the journey should be accessible to everyone. This incredible app from Honda is a game-changer, fostering a more inclusive driving experience and opening up a world of adventures and possibilities for those who are blind or visually impaired.

Experience the Innovation That Puts the World at Your Fingertips

We invite you to learn more about the Honda Scenic Audio App and how it can transform road trips for you or someone you know.

Visit Fisher Honda today for a test drive and experience the wonder of innovation that puts the world at your fingertips.

Boulder, CO Demographic, Info & Resources for the Blind & Vision Impaired

The available resources and Boulder’s focus on accessibility paint a positive picture of a community that strives to be inclusive for all.

Boulder’s Vision Impaired Demographics:

  • According to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), an estimated 12 million adults in the United States experience vision loss. It’s safe to assume a portion of Boulder’s population falls within this demographic.
  • Age is a significant factor in vision loss. Since Boulder has a higher concentration of residents over 65 compared to the national average, it’s likely there’s a higher percentage of individuals experiencing vision loss due to age-related conditions like macular degeneration.

Boulder’s Vision Impaired Resources:

  • Boulder County Agencies: Several Boulder County agencies offer resources and support for people with visual impairments, including:
  • National Organizations:
    • American Foundation for the Blind (AFB): Provides advocacy, education, and resources for people with vision loss (
    • National Federation of the Blind (NFB): Empowers blind individuals through advocacy, education, and community building (

Additional Considerations

  • Accessibility: Boulder is known for its commitment to accessibility. Many public spaces, buildings, and transportation options incorporate features that cater to individuals with visual impairments, such as braille signage, audible crosswalk signals, and designated accessible parking spots.
  • Community Support: There’s a growing movement towards greater inclusion for people with disabilities, and Boulder is likely to have a network of support groups, social events, and resources specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired community.

Finding More Information

  • You can contact the agencies mentioned above directly to get a better understanding of the resources available in Boulder for the blind and visually impaired.
  • The American Foundation for the Blind also has a resource directory you can search by location to find programs and services near you (

While specific data on the number of blind and visually impaired individuals in Boulder might be limited, the available resources and Boulder’s focus on accessibility paint a positive picture of a community that strives to be inclusive for all.

About Fisher Honda

Fisher Honda is a proud member of the Boulder, Colorado community and is whole heartedly committed to providing exceptional service and innovative automotive solutions. We are passionate about making a positive impact and believe that everyone deserves to experience the freedom and joy of the open road.


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