Honda and the Aha App

September 4th, 2014 by

Synchronize Everything You Love With the Aha App

All you need is an IOS or Android phone and a Honda with HondaLink to set your content free. Create “stations” about the things you love, music, food, Facebook, you name it, and take them with you wherever you go. You never have to think about which app to use to get what content; it’s all available to you on your Honda’s infotainment screen. This means that you can keep your eyes on the road, and the programming you want streaming into your ears.

The Aha App on Your Phone

The Aha experience begins on your compatible smartphone; just download the free Aha app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started. Once installed the Aha app offers an incredible selection of content. You can access;

  • The latest news, sports, and entertainment podcasts without ever needing to sync.
  • Social news including your Facebook news feed
  • Traffic information
  • Personalized music stations
  • Personalized local restaurant recommendations

All of this content is accessible on your phone any time that you have a data connection. You don’t need to turn the app off when you leave your Honda, Aha will play through any set of headphones or via a Bluetooth like the music stored on your device. This way you can bring your content to work, on a run, or anywhere else that you take your phone.

The Aha App in your Honda

HondaLink Displaying the Aha RadioOnce you have your favorite content organized on the Aha App, you only have to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to enjoy the programming. Select the Aha app as a source on the HondaLink system, just like you would Pandora. From here, an Aha specific menu appears where you can easily sort through your content. There’s no need to look down at your phone to find a podcast, radio station, or get social updates. All the content is easy to navigate through on your dashboard, which allows you to concentrate on driving and stay safe. As an added bonus, you can take all your content to another HondaLink enabled Honda, just connect your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Aha Radio Makes Entertainment Easy in a Honda

Hondas are already known for their reliability and comfort. With the Aha app and HondaLink you can make your ride even sweeter with easy entertainment options that keep you focused on driving. Check out Fisher Honda’s inventory and find the right match for your lifestyle.