Honda Accessories for Outdoor Activities Near Boulder

May 21st, 2018 by

Honda CR-V

Folks in the Boulder area love to take advantage of the splendor the Rockies offers, but many hiking and camping activities require a capable vehicle with the proper accessories. There are a number of Honda AWD vehicles with the performance capabilities to take you off-road, as well as a full lineup of Honda accessories specifically for the outdoors.

Honda CR-V Accessories

The Honda CR-V is a popular compact crossover SUV that can haul a big load of groceries while also giving you the performance you need for a hiking and camping trip. Available Honda CR-V accessories include:

  • Tent – $382.00
  • Trailer Hitch – $359.00
  • Roof Box for Camping Equipment – $498.00
  • Kayak, Ski, Surfboard, and Snowboard Roof Attachments – $79.00 – $175.00

Honda HR-V Accessories

An ideal outdoor champion for CU university students on a budget, the Honda HR-V is a subcompact crossover that can be equipped with Honda HR-V accessories like:

  • Cargo Cover – $99.00
  • First Aid Kit – $30.00
  • Rear Seat Covers – $239.00
  • Splash Guards – $104.00
  • Fog Lights – $341.00

Honda Pilot Accessories

Take your whole family camping near Longmont with the Honda Pilot, a three-row SUV with seating for up to eight passengers — and check out some of our favorite Honda Pilot accessories:

  • Trailer Hitch (5,000 pounds/3,500 pounds) – $360.00
  • Bike Attachment-Roof Mount – $188.00
  • Tent – $382.00
  • Roof Box for Camping Equipment – $498.00
  • Kayak, Ski, Surfboard, and Snowboard Roof Attachments – $79.00 – $175.00

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