Customize your Honda Insight with Accessories

January 19th, 2015 by

The 2014 Honda Insight comes with a lot of great standard features, but with accessories you can add more protection and style to your vehicle. Floor mats and a cargo tray help protect your car’s interior and a leather steering wheel cover adds style. Check out these 2014 Honda Insight accessories!

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Honda Insight Accessories for the Interior

2014 honda insight accessories cargo tray

To add a layer of protection and functionality, the 2014 Honda Insight accessories are here to help. Floor mats and a cargo tray help protect your Insight’s interior. All-season mats are made of a tough, thermoplastic material and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Dirt, sand, mud, and water are trapped in the floor mats’ design ridges. The carpet floor mats are made of a heavy-duty cut pile for added durability. The mats are also fade resistant and the cable yarn bound edge keeps the edges of the mat from fraying. The mats come clean with soap and water. A cargo tray protects the rear cargo area. The tray is made of thermoplastic and cleans easily with soap and water. A protective lip helps keep spills in the tray.

If your Insight is an LX or base model, you can get a leather steering wheel cover. The cover is made of a high-quality leather that helps insulate against temperature extremes. Lacing-hole reinforcements help provide a glove-tight factory fit.

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Honda Insight Accessories for the Exterior

2014 Honda Insight nose mask accessories

The exterior of your Honda Insight can be further enhanced with accessories. Body-side molding, a nose mask, door visors, and a splash guard set are all great ways to customize your Insight. Body-side molding helps protect the Insight’s doors from dings and is color-matched to the color of your Insight. The nose mask protects the Insight’s front end from road debris and insects. The mask is made of a leather-grain-quality vinyl that has a felt-lined backing that helps keep the mask from slipping. Door visors let you roll down the windows even if the weather isn’t ideal. The visors are made of a polycarbonate material so they won’t fade or become brittle. Splash guards protect the Insight’s paint from chipping due to road debris, as well as add a finishing touch.

Other accessories include a rear bumper applique and door edge film. The applique gives the Insight’s bumper an extra layer of protection. This is helpful when transporting items or loading cargo because it ensures the bumper isn’t scratched. The door edge film is a transparent product that protects the doors’ edges from nicks and scrapes. The film is made of a clear urethane.

Visit the Honda eStore to see all of the 2014 Honda Insight’s accessories. The eStore has accessories for Insights that are different model years, too.

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