An Awesome Customer Testimonial for Fisher Honda From Larry

November 14th, 2014 by

When a customer expressed frustration to Craig Fisher that work on his car was going to take a day longer than expected, what did Craig do?

A)     Told the customer to take his car to a different repair shop

B)      Gave the customer his car keys and let him borrow his car

C)      Convinced the service team to stay late and fix the car

Larry McCreary’s Customer Service Experience at Fisher Honda

Have we got a story for you, it’s an awesome customer testimonial!

Larry McCreary was a regular customer who came in to our dealership one day, he had scheduled an appointment with our service department after visiting a Firestone location about getting some work done on his vehicle’s brakes. Firestone told him he would have to leave his vehicle with them a few days to complete the repairs as they would need to order the rotors for his vehicle from a dealership. He thought he could expatiate the process by just taking his vehicle to a dealership to get around waiting for the part to be ordered.

He scheduled his appointment with Fisher Honda to have the work done assuming that a dealership would have the part on hand as that’s where Firestone was getting it from. He dropped off his Honda Ridgeline in the morning and planned on walking the 2 miles to his office in Boulder, Colorado. We let him know about our complementary shuttle service so he didn’t have to worry about walking to work. We let him know to expect a call when the work was done on his vehicle and we would have the shuttle pick him up then. He met one of our shuttle drivers, Phil, and he was off to work.

As the day went on, 4pm rolled around and Larry still hadn’t heard from Fisher Honda’s Service Department so he decided to give them a call. They informed him that unfortunately they did have to order the part and were having it delivered overnight so we would have to keep the car overnight. Larry was obviously disappointed by this news and asked if we could reassemble the car for him so he could get home to Thronton, CO and bring it back in the morning. Our service adviser set a time for our shuttle to pick him up and advised him to look into renting a car or it might be possible to return his vehicle when he arrived.

Larry got a ride back to the dealership with our shuttle driver Phil and upon pulling into Fisher Honda’s Service Drive, Phil saw Craig Fisher walking across the lot. Phil called over the Craig and encouraged Larry to tell Craig about his situation. Larry went over the entire experience with Craig and said he was hoping to have his truck reassembled to drive it home or else he would have to rent a car for the night. Craig simply responded by pulling out the keys to his car and telling Larry to just take his car as it would be simpler for everyone involved.

Nothing was required of Larry and Craig told him to just return his car when the work on Larry’s Ridgeline was complete. Larry was blown away by this show of customer service and generosity. He was excited to say that he’s looking forward to purchasing his next vehicle at Fisher Honda hopes that his company can reach a similar level of customer service to what he experienced with us. Check out the video interview above for all of the details!

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