Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission? | Boulder, CO

October 12th, 2016 by

Manual Transmissions are Slowly Coming to an End

It’s no surprise that the manual transmission is starting to become an endangered species among car manufacturers. The never ending debate on whether the automatic or manual transmission is better will never end. There are some differences that can help you make the decision on which is best for you.

Manual Transmission Advantages

Manual Shift Knob

Manual Shift Knob

  • Increased fuel economy
  • A vehicle with a manual transmission costs less than the same model with an automatic transmission
  • Teenagers really want to learn to drive a car with a manual transmission
  • Manual transmissions are easier to service than an automatic transmission
  • Requires driver involvement

Outside the United States the manual transmission is far more common than the automatic transmission. While some people find it frightening to learn how to drive in a manual car, it is very common to see someone learning in the heart of a crowded city in another country.

Automatic Transmission Advantages

  • A car with an automatic transmission is easier to learn how to drive in than a car with a manual transmission
  • Automatics are better in traffic or in the city because there is no need to shift between gears
  • The automatic is a more complicated system that has the potential for more parts that can fail
  • Some automatics do not have the option to downshift when in an emergency situation
  • An automatic can shift fast and with better control in some cases

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