Check Out the Honda All-Season Protection Packages

February 16th, 2015 by


The environment in Colorado can be rough on any vehicle, especially a brand-new car. To protect you and your investment, Honda offers several protection packages and all-season protection packages for most Honda models. Each protection package is customized for your vehicle, so the accessories in the packages will differ.

Honda Protection Packages

The standard protection packages have common elements and are available on the CR-V, Accord, Civic, Fit, Pilot, and Odyssey. The big interior accessory here is the cargo mat that is included with each protection package. The Civic and Accord sedan models, as well as the Accord coupe, all come with a weatherproof trunk mat to protect the carpet of your trunk from whatever cargo that you need to transport. The Fit, CR-V, Pilot, and Odyssey packages incorporate a weather-proof tray for the cargo areas. Each tray is specially made for that Honda model and completely protects the cargo area from mud, snow, and any other mess. Raised edges keep any spill or melted snow on the tray.


All of these protection packages also include wheel locks for that extra peace of mind in guaranteeing that your wheels stay exactly where they are intended to be. Locks are provided for each wheel and are composed of construction-grade, hardened steel and patterned with a unique key design that requires the included key piece to remove. A safety pouch is also included with every set to keep your key socket and wrench together to ensure that they are never misplaced in case of an emergency.


The final component of the standard protection packages is a set of splash guards that are custom shaped for each Honda model in order to best match the vehicle’s style. Splash guards are fit on the rear side of each wheel well and are designed to protect the vehicle from all forms of weather and debris. Their surface area and width are designed to protect the paint and body of your car from anything that your tires could kick up, from gravel to ice chunks, so that your Honda looks like new for as long as possible.


Honda All-Season Protection Packages

Honda also has an upgraded all-season protection package that leaves the wheel locks out but adds in a set of all-season floor mats to replace carpet floor mats. The all-season floor mats, like the all-season cargo trays, are custom-fitted for each Honda model so that they optimally protect your vehicle’s original interior carpeting. The durable material is easy to clean with a vacuum or soap and water.

If you’re looking to purchase a new Honda and want to outfit it to be able to stand up to anything that Colorado throws at it, the Honda protection packages are the perfect accessories for your new Honda.

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