Wondering What Kind of Car to Buy? Consider the Honda Fit

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What Kind of Car is Best For You? Give the Honda Fit a Look

The 2011 Honda Fit is a sub-compact four -door hatchback that has been getting rave reviews. The fun-to-drive Honda Fit has been the recipient numerous awards in categories all over the board.

2011 Honda Fit - What Kind of Car to Buy - Fisher HondaOne of the most popular vehicles at Boulder’s Fisher Honda, the Honda Fit has been recognized on numerous occasions by Edmunds, most recently as the “Top Recommended Small Vehicle for 2011.”  Edmunds was extremely impressed with the car’s passenger and cargo room, saying the space packed into the 2011 Honda Fit is “simply amazing.” Edmunds was also enthused with the 57 cubic feet of cargo storage saying, “that’s more than other compact crossovers offer.”

Honda in general has also won Edmunds’ first ever award for Best Retained Value for Non-Luxury Brands. Honda is honored to win this award. This just goes to show how well Honda’s cars, trucks, SUVs and Crossovers are holding their value over time. This is an important factor to consumers when purchasing a new vehicle.

If that wasn’t enough, Edmunds was so impressed with the Honda Fit they even named it to their list of “Top 10 Most Noteworthy Vehicles of the Decade.” Edmunds was fond of the fact of unlike other cars in the Fit’s class, Honda did not sacrifice space, driving pleasure, or it’s practicality. Another thing Edmunds appreciated was the Fit’s performance and superb handling. According to Edmunds, “the Fit out-distanced all challengers without breaking a sweat.”

The Honda Fit also won the 2011 Residual Value Award for Best Sub-Compact Car from ALG. Residual value is a key factor in determining the overall strength of an automotive manufacturer.  The Honda Fit is a popular choice among consumers whether the vehicle is purchased new or used.

2011 Honda Fit - Sports Compact=The highly respected Car and Driver magazine has praised the Honda Fit and has made it to their “10 Best Cars” list for the 5th time. Saying, “We’re equally zinged by this Honda’s upscale interior, its quick and precise steering, an engaging shifter, spot-on ergonomics, a windshield as big as a minivan’s, and a rear seat that is both adult-habitable and drops to the floor faster than a Marine pumping push-ups… the Fit offers a fun-to-drive quotient that proves basic transportation isn’t always basic.”

The people at Kelley Blue Book, which is the go-to guide for automotive information, have also honored the 2011 Honda Fit with the “Best Resale Value Award in the Sub-Compact Car” category, and the “Top Ten Back-to-School Cars.” Because of the Fit’s low price and high versatility, the decision was a no-brainer.

For all of you out there who are concerned for the environment and are consciously aware of your carbon footprint, you will be happy to know that for the 5th time in a row, Honda has also been recognized by the Union of Concerned Scientists as the country’s greenest automaker.

To see the 2011 Honda Fit’s versatility, watch this video:

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