Drive Safely this Winter with Tips From Fisher Honda

October 2nd, 2012 by

Fisher Honda Offers Winter Driving Tips for Colorado Drivers

Fisher Honda

Fisher Honda has Winter Driving Tips

If you’re driving through the Rocky Mountains in the winter you know conditions can be harsh. All of us at Fisher Honda in Boulder want you to take precautions to be safe on the roads this upcoming winter and to be prepared if the unexpected happens. Whether you’re driving long distances or just running errands in the neighborhood, it’s important to be prepared and follow these safe-driving tips.

Driving Safely In Winter Weather

  • Understand how your vehicle handles in cold weather conditions. As any Boulder, Colorado Honda dealer can tell you, front- and rear-wheel drive vehicles handle differently, as do different braking systems. A four-wheel drive vehicle may handle better on slippery or rough conditions. A front-wheel drive vehicle will generally do better than a rear-wheel drive vehicle because the engine weight is on the drive wheels, and the rest of the car is being pulled — rather than pushed — through the snow.
  • Understand your brake system. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, it’s important to know how to stop in the case of slick conditions. When trying to stop without anti-lock brakes in slippery conditions, pump the brakes repeatedly to prevent the wheels from locking up while slowly correcting your steering. If your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes, you just step hard on the brakes and hold them and steer where you want the car to go.
  • Provide yourself with ample time to stop and steer. In slick conditions, it’s easy to overcompensate and send the car sliding if it’s icy out. Especially beware of particularly icy areas like bridges.
  • Prepare. Make sure that you have a survival kit and warm clothes in your car in case you get stranded. Also make sure that your regular maintenance is up to date to minimize the chances of the car breaking down.
  • Watch and listen to weather reports for wherever you will be traveling. If there’s a threat of a major winter storm, it may not be worth risking the trip.

Come to Fisher Honda

Before winter hits, let Fisher Honda’s Service Department take a look at your vehicle and schedule an appointment to perform any regular maintenance it may need so that you’re ready for the snow. Fisher Honda is your local Boulder, Colorado auto dealer and repair center. Come visit us the next time you’re in need of a new vehicle or a repair on your existing car.