Denver Drivers Can Find a Used Honda Civic at Fisher Auto in Boulder!

October 7th, 2011 by

Looking for a Certified Honda Civic Near Denver?

For anyone looking for a certified Honda Civic in the Denver area, look no further than Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colorado. We offer a huge selection of pre-owned, certified Honda vehicles for your perusal. What’s more, when you come to Fisher Honda, you know you’ll be receiving the very best service from a dealer that’s been voted the best year after year.
Used Civics at Fisher Honda in Boulder

It’s Best to Buy Certified

If you are looking for a certified Honda Civic in the Denver area, it’s best to be entirely certain what “certified” means in relation to used vehicles. In short, a certified pre-owned vehicle is one that has passed manufacturer inspection guidelines and includes a warranty beyond what a new-vehicle warranty covers. For this reason, many drives pursue certified used vehicles as a cheaper alternative to brand new vehicles. At Fisher Honda, we are proud to offer Honda Certified Used Cars, all of which meet strict quality guidelines established by Honda, including an extensive 150-point inspection to make sure that the vehicle is in optimal running condition.

When looking for your used Civic, its important to remember that a certified vehicle will feature a warranty that’s backed Honda, as opposed to a third party. As a general rule, the certified warranty takes effect after the original warranty and, like the original, is active within a certain number of miles or a certain number of years, whichever happens first. Frankly, many vehicles don’t qualify for certification after inspection, so it’s important to find a dealer that offers models certified by Honda rather than just standard used cars. At Fisher Honda, we inspect all of our certified vehicles carefully, and our expert mechanics will fix any issues we can with Honda Genuine Parts. If we can’t restore it to its original manufacturer-produced state, it won’t be certified.

Often, buyers of a certified Honda vehicle are given benefits and perks with their warranty similar to — if not the same as — those enjoyed by buyers of new cars. These can include things such as loan cars along with pick-up and drop-off service, and they can extend into features like roadside assistance and free maintenance. All great reasons to buy a certified used vehicle instead of a cheaper car from an independent lot!

Fisher Honda is Your Certified Honda Dealer

For the best deals on certified Honda Civics and other vehicles in the Denver area, Fisher Honda is the right choice! Come in today for more information on our certified Honda vehicles. If you’re looking for new car quality with a used car price, you can’t do better than a Honda Certified Used Car.