How the Vehicle Trade Evaluation Works

When you bring your vehicle to Fisher Honda it is professionally evaluated to get you the best value for your trade in. We evaluate the following:

  1. Physical inspection: Body, underbody, engine, drivetrain, and interior condition. (We are checking for any seen or unseen damage.)
  2. VIN and Carfax check: Liens, accidents, and service history. (This helps protect you as a consumer and it protects our liability as a dealer.)
  3. Market analysis: Similar vehicle listings and current auction trends. (To see what similar vehicles are worth and selling for at auctions.)
  4. Call other dealers to get buy bids: To get you the most for your car.
  5. Present you with your vehicle’s actual cash value: To give you a value to help you to make a decision.

We can usually accomplish all of this in 20 to 30 minutes.

We have a need for used vehicles and would love to get a head start on valuing your trade. Please fill out the contact form below to start the process.

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