Fisher Honda’s Tips For Winter Driving

January 4th, 2013 by

Winter Weather ConditionsAlthough many of us have become expertly skilled at it over years of practice, driving is never an easy endeavor. You’re driving a very large, very expensive piece of heavy machinery quite fast around people who may be paying more attention to their phones than the road. All of these concerns compound when inclement weather is added, and even worse is the threat of ice. The service team at Fisher Honda wants to make sure all drivers in the Boulder area are safe out there, so please keep their basic tips for winter driving in mind as you’re on the road.

On Thin Ice

If it’s snowing hard out or you know the roads are icy, that means you need to slow down no matter what. Whether it’s the reduced visibility thanks to the precipitation or the lack of traction underneath your tires, your “normal speed” has been downgraded to an “unsafe speed”. Make sure to start braking at intersections well in advance — if you’re giving yourself the same amount of room as you would on a sunny day in July you may find yourself in the middle of the intersection after trying to come to a complete stop. You want to make sure you have enough time to react in case you start skidding or see something odd through the snowflakes.

When Things Go Awry

It may be simple, but the short mantra applies when you find yourself out of control in a driving situation: don’t panic. If you start sliding, don’t slam on the brakes — locking them up will result in even less control. Ease off the accelerator and gently try and steer the car back into control. If your car is equipped with standard brakes, just pump them slowly in order to decelerate. On the other hand, if you have anti-lock brakes, just slowly apply pressure. If they pulse gently, don’t fight against them — they’re doing their job.

Keep Prepared

In the winter months always assume a blizzard will happen. One of the most useful items you can have in your trunk is a small, metal shovel. Avoid plastic ones when possible, as they won’t last as long. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either. Sometimes an extra set of hands to push makes all the difference. If you need any other pointers, make sure to ask us at Fisher Honda, our service experts will be glad to help!