The Most Reliable Cars are at Fisher Honda in Boulder

September 20th, 2011 by

What Makes A Vehicle Reliable?

All vehicles need to have routine service check-ups to repair regular wear and tear caused by driving.  This includes oil changes, new brakes, cooling system flushes, etc.  However, when you’re trying to determine whether or not a vehicle is reliable, you want one that doesn’t need frequent (and expensive) repairs done to the engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust or any other major systems.  When Consumer Reports compiles its list of the most reliable vehicles, it gathers information regarding a vehicle’s failures, repairs, cost, and length of repairs to see which vehicles have the least amount of problems.

You Can Rely on Your Honda

Honda has been a leader in manufacturing reliable vehicles for years.  Their parts are easy to get, so any repairs that need to be made can happen quickly and inexpensively.  Fisher Honda in Boulder not only carries a wide selection of Honda models, but their service department also specializes in Genuine Honda Automotive Parts.  If anything does need to be tweaked in your Honda, the service team at Fisher Honda can do it quickly and at great price. Here are some of the most reliable Hondas on the road today:

Honda Accord

Honda Accord - Denver Honda Dealerships - Fisher Honda

2011 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has been a high rated top seller for years due to its great price value and fuel economy.  The 2011 Honda Accord Sedan was also awarded with a five-star safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  Its great safety features not only make it safe for passengers, but it helps minimize damage done in collisions, which equals less money spent on repairs.  With price packages starting around $21,000, and 23 city/34 highway mpg, the Honda Accord is sure to keep earning its spot on the top of the charts.

Honda Civic

With an even lower price point of around $16,000, the Honda Civic is another one of Honda’s best selling models due to its affordability and fuel economy.  The Honda Civic also gets 23 city/34 highway mpg, and even its highest-end model starts at under $25,000.  The Civic boasts all of the same reliability and safety features that put it in the same company as the Accord.  The reliability of the Civic can be seen in its minor, infrequent, and easy-to-diagnose problems.

Honda Odyssey

Minivans usually need a lot of repairs since they’re larger and have more parts that need fixing.  However, the Honda Odyssey is one of the most reliable and affordable minivan you can get.  The 2011 Honda Odyssey comes loaded with lots of the Honda safety features you want in a family vehicle and gets 19 city/28 highway mpg.  With price packages starting around $28,000, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth for this minivan.

Honda CR-V

2011 Honda CRV - Fisher Honda - Auto Sales Colorado

2011 Honda CR-V at Fisher Honda

The Honda CR-V was ranked #4 by Consumer Reports on its list of the most reliable vehicles of 2011.  No problems were reported with the transmission, engine, or any other major systems. With affordable parts and infrequent repairs, and price packages starting at under $22,000, it’s no wonder the Honda CR-V is also a top seller.

Honda Element

Who knew that even the fun crossovers could still be among the most reliable?  The Honda Element has the same reliable drivetrain as the CR-V.  Reliability still comes cheap, at about $21,000, and the Element gets great fuel economy with 20 city/25 highway mpg.

Reliable Hondas at Fisher Honda

Driving a reliable vehicle gets you your money’s worth when it comes to value, trade-in, and resale.  Call or come in to Fisher Honda today to test drive one of the most reliable vehicles on the road.  There are over 80 new Hondas in a variety of models available at Fisher Honda, and you’ll drive away knowing you got the best deal for a vehicle that has and keeps its value. Since you know that Hondas hold their value well over time, be sure to check out some of Fisher’s pre-owned and certified pre-owned Hondas as well.  One of them is sure to suit your driving needs and budget.

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