The Honda Fit EV Concept Car: The Honda Fit Goes Electric

April 7th, 2011 by

Honda’s pioneering next step in the world of green technology takes the popular Honda Fit to the next level with the EV concept car.  The Honda Fit EV concept is a plug-in hybrid that runs on electricity. According to Honda, the concept “hints strongly at the direction and styling for Honda’s upcoming production Fit EV all-electric vehicle.”

The Honda Fit - Boulder Honda - Fisher HondaIf you’re familiar with the current Honda Fit, like those at Fisher Honda in Boulder, CO, you’ll notice the similar interior of the Honda Fit EV. Replacing the gas gauge will be a charge-level meter. There is also an indicator that shows whether the electric motor is charging or discharging its batteries.

With green technology comes innovative technology. A few impressive new features will come standard in the Honda EV Fit. A smartphone app is planned that allows the driver remotely start the climate-control system when the vehicle is connected to the grid in order to reduce battery drain at the start. The app also allows the driver to constantly monitor the vehicle’s charge state. In addition, a navigation system is included. When a driver needs to find a charging station it will be easy and quick.

The Honda EV will coach the driver on how to be more efficient and will make helpful suggestions such as when to turn off the air conditioning.  The Honda EV features a lithium-ion battery pack and will have a range of about 70 miles-per-charge. Three driving modes will be available in the car: Econ, Normal and Sport. Econ will increase the driving range by as much as 17 percent over Normal, and up to 25 percent over Sport.

The top speed of the Honda EV will be 90 miles-per-hour, which is just 25 milThe Honda Fit - Honda EV - Fisher Honda in Boulder, COes per hour less than the regular Honda Fit.  While driving in the Sport mode, the Honda EV will accelerate like a car of similar size (such as a 2.0-liter engine). The electric motor is derived from the motor that is in the FCX Clarity.

The production unit of the Honda Fit EV will arrive in the U.S. and Japan in 2012. Charging takes less than 12 hours on a 120-volt outlet and less than six on a 240-volt source.  Consumers looking for an alternative to fuel should consider upgrading their home circuitry to accommodate a 240-volt unit soon so that charging will be as quick as possible.

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