The Benefits of Leasing a Honda

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Vehicle Leasing Information from Fisher Honda Boulder COVehicle leasing offers several advantages and is, for many, an attractive alternative to financing and purchasing a new vehicle. At Fisher Honda, your Boulder area Honda dealer, we get a lot of customers asking about the benefits and advantages of leasing a Honda vehicle. Although leasing is not for everyone, and the choice depends on each driver’s individual’s needs and wants, it is a good idea to consider the advantages when making the decision.

Advantages of leasing a vehicle may include lower monthly payments, low or no down payments, fewer maintenance worries, no hassle regarding trading it in after the lease, and the opportunity to drive newer, nicer cars more often. Leasing a Honda provides these benefits, plus others.

Good Reasons to Lease a Honda

The Honda Leadership Leasing program gives you more options with less stress. The program offers competitive rates, flexible lease terms, several mileage allowances, and a waiver protecting from excess wear and use. Here is a breakdown of all of the benefits Honda offers:

  • Flexibility of Lease Terms – Honda lease contracts can span from 24 to 60 months. Drivers can even choose to do away with monthly lease payments by using the One-Payment option.
  • Varying Mileage Options – Drivers get to choose between 12,000 miles per year or 15,000 miles per year. They can also purchase extra miles at signing, so if you know you are going to travel, you won’t be charged overages at the end of the lease.
  • GAP Coverage – This stands for guaranteed asset protection coverage, and is standard on all leased Hondas. This insurance typically covers the difference (or the gap) between insurance coverage and the remaining lease charges if the vehicle is stolen or severely damaged.
  • Waiver for Excessive Wear and Use – The policy for the excess wear and use waiver is included in all Honda Leadership leases. The benefit covers incidents up to $500 per instance.
  • No Surprise or Hidden Fees – Leadership Leasing does not have purchase-option charges or disposition fees.
  • Purchase Price is Guaranteed – Honda guarantees the purchase price at lease signing, which means this price is locked in should you decide to purchase the vehicle when the lease is over.
  • Options for the End of the Lease – After your lease ends, you can decide to buy the vehicle for the agreed-upon price, trade it in for a new leased or purchased vehicle, or to just return the vehicle.

Check Out the Lease Options at Fisher Honda

Come see us at Fisher Honda to test drive a new vehicle! If you decide to lease it, our friendly staff will help you receive all of the benefits Honda offers! For more information, contact us at 866.269.6679. We hope to hear from you soon!

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