The 2012 Honda Insight is at Boulder’s Fisher Honda

December 26th, 2011 by

Fisher Honda Has the Eco-Friendly 2012 Insight in Stock Now

2012 Honda Insight - Fisher Honda - Colorado Honda Dealer

The 2012 Honda Insight in Frosted

There is no time like the present to join the green revolution, and Fisher Honda in Boulder invites you to take up the leafy banner with a new 2012 Honda Insight. Hybrid technology and high fuel economy are no longer rare luxuries with the unveiling of the new and affordable Insight. Honda is dedicated to making green technology available to all, and no other hybrid can compete with the Insight in terms of price and EPA-rated fuel economy. At Fisher Honda, we are also committed to our eco-friendly clients, which is why the 2012 Honda Insight is the centerpiece of our catalog of vehicles that get 30 mpg or higher.

An Innovative Hybrid

2012 Honda Insight Interior- Fisher Honda - Honda Hybrid Colorado

Inside the 2012 Honda Insight

The 2012 Honda Insight runs like no other hybrid on the market. Unlike its competitors, the Insight’s electric motor and combustion engine accelerate in tandem through the Integrated Motor Assist system to create a more traditional driving experience while maintaining a modest fuel economy. This system, combined with a transmission that mimics the gears of a standard automatic transmission, means that drivers who have never owned a hybrid will find acceleration and handling familiar to what they’re used to from a standard all-gasoline vehicle. Such a configuration puts less stress on the electronic elements and helps to lower the Insight’s overall price. All new 2012 Insights featured at Fisher Honda in Boulder come with the following standard specifications:
•    1.3L four-cylinder integrated hybrid engine
•    MP3/iPod support
•    A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
•    EPA-rated fuel economy of up to 41 mpg city or 44 mpg highway

Where competing hybrids make up for lack of performance by piling on expensive electronic components, the 2012 Honda Insight puts a hybrid within reach of most consumers by emphasizing the strengths of both its traditional and electric engines. The Insight was America’s first hybrid car, and Honda’s 2012 model reflects its desire to remain on top.

Visit Fisher Honda in Boulder Today

Come test out the perfect marriage between gas and electric power for yourself. Our sales staff is keen on the needs and common concerns of eco-conscious drivers, not to mention those on a budget. If you spend too much time and money at the gas-pump here in Boulder, allow our sales associates to impress you with the new Honda Insight. Give yourself a green credit for 2012 today by going online to sign up for a test-drive.