Fisher Honda Service Testimonials

“The car was brought in for recall work. On the way out of the garage it hit another car thus the bumper had to be replaced. While the car was in the shop an extra day, Harry went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. He did everything. Rented me a car, covered the cost of the repairs and oil change, a valet swapped the car for me at my work and my car came back looking great! It was washed and beautiful. While I am bummed this happen Harry did everything possible to make a bad situation successful and he did with grace. Thank you. I am extremely pleased with my service at Fisher Auto service. Thanks again.”

Dean S. – Fisher Honda Service – 6/14/2013

“Linda Dickerson was awesome! I have not had that kind of customer service in years. Very impressive!”

Suzanne H. – Fisher Auto Body Shop – 6/13/2013

“I’m always telling people about the amazing Fisher Honda service. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!”

Patricia H. – Fisher Honda Service – 6/13/2013

“The driver who took me home and brought me back was also very efficient. I appreciated the call from the service desk letting me know what other repairs were needed (and not needed) in the future. I felt like I had a much better idea about the condition of my car after the service which is important because I’m about to sell it and by ANOTHER Honda.”

Carole B. – Fisher Honda Service – 6/10/2013

“Service consultant was very helpful and efficient, and didn’t push me to get services I didn’t need.”

David B. – Fisher Honda Service – 6/7/2013

“There was no problem getting in on the front end for service and the repair was done sooner than expected and looked like new when completed. Very coureous service as well. Thanks.”

Yvonne D. – Fisher Auto Body Shop – 6/4/2013

“The best my wife and I have ever been treated with regard to service work. Fisher HondaKia is the best.”

Gene H. – Fisher Honda Service – 5/30/13

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