What Do Your Honda Warning Lights Mean?

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It can be stressful when you’re driving along and suddenly one of the Honda Warning lights illuminates on your dashboard. Your immediate reaction might be that something is seriously wrong with your new Honda or used vehicle.

While some Honda warning lights are serious, such as your check engine light or battery light, others are simply a reminder. For example, the washer fluid light and the oil change light remind you to fill up your window washer fluid or schedule your next oil change. We’re going over some of the common warning lights you might see, so you’ll know what they mean, and you’ll be prepared to take action.

Common Warning Lights and What They Mean

Check Engine
Battery Fault
Transmission Temperature Warning
Coolant Temp
Oil Pressure Warning
Change Engine Oil
Tire Pressure Low
Service Vehicle Soon
Brake System
Tighten Gas Cap
ABS Fault
Cruise Control
ESP Fault
Lamp Out
Security Alert
Traction Control Off
Door Ajar
Airbag Off
Overdrive Off
Washer Fluid Low
Fog Lamp
Parking Sensor Fault
Coolant Low
Daytime Running Lights

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What if a Honda Warning Light is On?

If you have one or more warning lights illuminated, or you notice leaking fluid, the first step to determine if it’s something you can fix yourself or if you need professional help. For issues that need an expert, schedule a service appointment with Fisher Honda. Our service department technicians are specially trained and will get your Honda or used vehicle back in working order in no time. They can also help make vehicle recommendations, like whether you should use premium vs. regular gas!


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