How to Tune Your Car for Spring

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Spring is here and plenty of drivers in the Boulder area are gearing up to get outside for hiking, camping, biking, and more. But before you hit the road, your car could probably use a tune-up. Winter weather and road conditions can be very harsh on your car, but a quick and basic spring tune-up will help get it ready for warmer days when you might be going on longer road trips. Fisher Honda is always happy to provide service tips for our drivers, so we’ve taken some time to put together this guide on how to tune your car for spring! Read on for more information and book a service appointment if you’d like us to perform any of these services for your vehicle.

1. Spring-Clean Your Car

When it’s warming up outside, it’s hard to resist the urge to open your windows and spring-clean your home. But, you should absolutely spring-clean your car as well! The next time you’re near a car wash in Louisville or Broomfield, use the opportunity to give your car a good scrubbing and remove any remnants of winter roads. We recommend opting for one of the more premium wash cycles at least for your first springtime car wash because you want to be sure it’s a thorough cleaning job. Even better is to hand-wash your car at home so you can do a detailed job! 

2. Inspect Your Tires

Changes in outside temperatures can affect your tire pressure. So when it warms outside, it’s a good idea to check that all four of your tires are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure. When your tires are filled the proper amount, your vehicle will be more efficient. You should also inspect the condition of your tires and have them rotated if it’s been a while since your last tire rotation. If your tire treads are worn past the indicator bars or you see advanced wear signs like cracked rubber, this means it’s time for an entirely new set of tires.

3. Change Wiper Blades and Replenish Fluids

Your windshield wipers work hard when you’re driving through snow and slush. If after a long season of winter driving your wipers are leaving streaks on your windshield, it’s time to replace them! The good news is that new wiper blades are affordable and easy to replace at home. Additionally, make sure you check the wiper fluid level in the reservoir under the hood, and add more wiper fluid if needed.

4. Check Your Battery

The last thing you want is to get stranded with a dead battery. You can buy your own multimeter for as little as $20 and test your car battery’s voltage to see if it’s low. Or, you can drop by a service center for a vehicle inspection which would include a battery check. You will want to know whether your battery is weak so you can replace it before going on any spring and summer road trips! 

5. Change Your Oil

Clean motor oil will help ensure your engine goes on and on for a long, healthy life. Springtime is a great time to get an oil change, and many places offer fluid top-offs, tire checks, and battery checks during oil changes, so you can knock out several of your spring tune-up services at once.

Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

If you’re dealing with any of the following issues while driving around Longmont, it’s definitely time to schedule a spring tune-up! Here are some classic signs your car needs a tune-up: 

  • Decreased gas mileage
  • Unusual noises that it never used to make 
  • Warning lights on the dashboard 
  • Engine struggles to start 

Get a Spring Tune-Up at Fisher Honda!

Spring-clean your car to get the process rolling and let Fisher Honda take care of the rest. Our service center in Boulder will take care of you and your vehicle, so you’re both ready to embrace springtime and all that it have to offer in our beautiful state! 


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