How to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer Heat

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If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where warm weather is on its way, somewhere like Longmont even, then you’ll notice as you get in your vehicle that it retains a lot of heat! When your car’s been sitting in that heat, the instant sweating of getting in a hot car just doesn’t sound appealing in the least. Fortunately, there are a good number of ways to help keep your car cool in summer weather and heat. Keep reading for some quick tips from our team here at Fisher Honda, and be sure to reach out to us if you need help with anything automotive – we’re happy to be of assistance!

Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer | Helpful Tips

Looking to mitigate the effects of that summer heat beating down on your poor Boulder ride? Here’s some easy ways to achieve your goal of keeping cool in your automobile!

  • Parking in a shaded or covered area is a good way to keep the temperature in your car as low as possible. It’s probably the easiest way, too!
  • Can’t find a shaded area? Check out the sun visors and shade screens available at local department stores! You can find window shades of all shapes and sizes for the front, back, and even side windows!
  • Covering the steering wheel and dashboard will save your hands from touching hot vinyl material, which can warm up and retain some serious heat in direct sunlight!
  • Leaving your windows cracked is a surefire way to get some air flowing, thus reducing the temperature inside your vehicle!
  • This one applies specifically to those with leather interiors which can get very hot to the touch, and too much sun exposure can even fade the material. Cloth seat covers will protect your leather during the summer.
  • Investing in tinted windows is a smart way to keep your car cool in more ways than one! Just make sure your newly tinted windows meet federal and state requirements for transparency.

Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer at Fisher Honda

All of these tips are great for keeping your car cooler when it’s powered off, and parked outside under the sun. However, nothing beats a fully functioning car air conditioning system! Make sure your car’s AC is working at peak condition, at its coldest possible temps, with an AC system check at our service center. You can even schedule your appointment online!

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