How to Enter Honda Radio Codes

After your Honda vehicle’s battery dies or is disconnected, the radio display will flash “CODE” and you won’t be able to access your radio. Fortunately, learning how to fix a “CODE” error on a Honda radio and restore normal radio functions is simple! Like many other systems in your Honda cabin, the radio is equipped with an anti-theft mechanism that resets it after a power loss or disconnection.

Before you can learn how to enter the Honda radio code and unlock radio access, you need to find the code or request it from Honda. In the guide below, Fisher Honda service technicians show you how to get your Honda radio code step-by-step.

How to Get Your Honda Radio Code

First, we’ll go over how to get your Honda radio code. Every Honda vehicle comes with a unique 4 or 5-digit code that resets the radio. In most models, this number is printed on a sticker labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code,” usually located in one of the following spots:

  • Glovebox
  • Center Console
  • Auto Service History Log
  • Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card (Newer Models)
  • Owner’s Manual

Don’t worry if you can’t find the code in any of these places. You can still figure out how to get your Honda radio code by speaking with a Honda Technician! Try these tips:

  1. Get your VIN number, proof of ownership, and 8-digit radio serial number ready.
  2. Call our certified Honda service center near Louisville.
  3. Check the Honda Online Database.
  4. Schedule service with our Broomfield-area Honda technology experts.

How to Fix a Code Error on Your Honda Radio

With your Honda radio code in hand, unlocking the radio and navigation functions is easy! While there may be slight procedural differences between Honda models, you can learn how to fix the code error on your Honda radio in a few simple steps:

  • Dial in your radio code using the radio preset buttons.
  • Repeated attempts could trigger another lockout, so double-check each digit as you enter it.

Rely on Fisher Honda for Expert Honda Tech Support in Boulder

Questions about how to enter the Honda Accord radio code or navigation code? The certified tech experts at Fisher Honda are here to answer your questions about auto maintenance and vehicle system installation. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Longmont drives with Honda AWD technology or Honda genuine car care products, give us a call today to learn more.


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