Safety Tips for Driving During a Downpour

April 6th, 2013 by

As the temperature starts to get warmer, soon the weather will give way to more rain than snow. While snow can be a nuisance to drive in, getting caught driving in the middle of a rain storm can be just as dangerous. Here at Fisher Honda, your local Boulder, CO Honda dealer, we are dedicated to customer safety, and while we know that we can’t prevent rainstorms from happening (that would be awesome), we hope that these tips provide our customers with the knowledge to help prevent accidents during them.

The Condition of Your Vehicle is Important

With winter over, it can be easy to neglect your car after it has survived those frigid months. However, there should be some maintenance checks done to your vehicle to make sure everything is running properly. Make sure that your tires and windshield wipers are in top shape, as their condition can make a huge difference to your visibility during torrential downpours. If your automobile has stability and/or traction control systems, make sure those are running optimally as well.

Drive Appropriately for the Road Conditions

The number one thing to keep in mind while driving during a particularly bad rainstorm is to drive slowly. Losing control of your car is not only a personally terrifying experience for you, but for other drivers around you as well. Brake softly if you must slow down, as the slippery conditions could cause your wheels to lock up if you brake too hard. In the event that your car starts to hydroplane, it is important to remember not to turn suddenly or brake too hard, as this can cause your vehicle to skid. Instead, let off the accelerator until your car slows down and you can feel it gripping the road again. Pump very lightly on the brakes if it is absolutely imperative that you slow down.

During any Inclement Weather, Put Your Headlights On

Not only will having your headlights on make it easier to see deep pools of water, other vehicles, or pedestrians, they will also make you visible to other drivers. In any case, it is important to keep a close eye on the behaviors of your fellow drivers. Any mistakes that they might make should be taken note of so that you can be more careful.

If your car does need a new set of tires or requires a spring tune-up, bring your vehicle in to our Fisher Honda Service Department! We’ll make sure your vehicle is ready for any Colorado weather that comes your way.