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Certified pre-owned autos can give peace of mind to a vehicle owner.  Knowing your pre-owned auto is certified means that your vehicle meets a set of standards that a non-certified, pre-owned auto may not.  Purchasing a pre-owned auto also guarantees warranty coverage that you will not get with a non-certified, pre-owned auto.  If you’re considering purchasing a certified used Honda, here is some information that might help you make your decision.

Certified Pre-Owned Autos – Honda Certified Used

When it comes to pre-owned autos, a Certified Used Honda is an excellent choice. But what makes a used Honda a Certified Used Honda?  Eligible vehicles are those of the current model year and up to 5-previous-model years, with 80,000 or fewer miles.  If you follow the maintenance schedule in your Honda Owner’s Manual, you could get another 100,000 miles or more out of your Certified Used Honda. In addition, if you take your vehicle to your Colorado Honda dealer for scheduled maintenance, the dealership will know its history should you need to make a warranty claim.

Certified Used Autos - Fisher HondaYour Colorado Honda dealer is the best place to buy quality Honda pre-owned autos.  When you buy a Certified Used Honda from your Colorado Honda dealer, you know your car has been inspected and certified.   The inspection includes a 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection, which is performed by a Honda-trained technician.  These same Honda-trained technicians recondition any component that does not meet standards, or replace it with Honda parts.

Your complete satisfaction with your Honda Certified Used Car is the main goal of your Colorado Honda dealer.  Personnel at authorized Colorado Honda dealers, including Fisher Honda in Boulder, are thoroughly trained to provide the best service for your vehicle.  If you are not satisfied with any maintenance or repair work done on your vehicle, the service manager at your Colorado Honda Dealer is available to help you.

Honda Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

Another great benefit of purchasing a Honda Certified Used car at your Colorado Honda dealer, is that it’s backed by a 7-year/100,000-mile limited warranty on the Powertrain, and a 12-month/12,000-mile Non-Powertrain Component Limited Warranty.

Here is a brief summary of the certified pre-owned warranties covering your Honda. Please refer to the individual warranty booklets for a full description of each warranty’s coverage and limitations.

Powertrain Coverage – 7 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the new-car original warranty registration date

Non-Powertrain Component Coverage – Effective during the first 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) after the new car warranty expires.

Start of Certified Limited Warranty Coverage – At expiration of the Honda New Car Limited Warranty, or from the date of sale of the Honda Certified vehicle if factory warranty has expired.  This is offered in addition to and separate from all other Honda limited warranties offered by Honda for any other Honda product.

Here’s a graphic to help explain Honda’s Certified pre-owned warranty:

Certified Used Warranty Honda-Fisher Honda-Boulder Colorado

Certified Used Warranty Honda-Fisher Honda-Boulder Colorado

This is a brief summary of the warranties covering your Honda. Please refer to the individual warranty booklets for a full description of each warranty’s coverage and limitations.

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