Why Buy an Electric Car?

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The EV segment has grown and grown in popularity throughout the Louisville and Broomfield areas, and most drivers are well aware of the environmental benefits of these gas-free vehicles. But, why buy an electric car? You might be surprised by just how many perks you’ll enjoy from making the switch, including lowered maintenance costs and innovative technology. Explore the benefits of buying an EV, and explore our electric and hybrid inventories at Fisher Honda! 

What are the Perks of EV Ownership?

So, why should you buy an electric car? From lowered ownership costs to lowered emissions, there’s no shortage of great reasons to ditch the gas for good! Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing EV:

  • Cost of Owning an EV: Of course, you’ll save big on fueling costs when you switch to an EV. But you’ll also save on factors like maintenance and service costs, while enjoying that legendary EV longevity.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Electric vehicles are usually designed with smart systems that monitor energy usage, as well as all the latest and greatest tech features that you’d expect from a new car.
  • Environmental Impacts of Owning an EV: Electric vehicles have the potential to use renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, which could reduce environmental impact even more in the future. But even now, EVs using grid power are less harmful to the environment than gas-powered options.
  • Maintenance Required for EV Ownership: Eliminating the internal combustion engine cuts out a huge amount of scheduled maintenance, and EV owners reap the benefits. No more oil changes, no more spark plug replacements, and other cumbersome services.

How to Prepare for your EV

Now you know why should you buy an electric car, but how do you prepare for your new EV? Here are three steps to get you on the right track!

  • Get Your Garage Ready: One of the biggest benefits to EV ownership is the ability to charge in the comfort of your own home! You can plug your EV directly into a household outlet, but most Longmont drivers prefer to install their own high-powered charging station instead. Let us know if you have any questions!
  • Map Out Charging Locations: We also recommend mapping out your everyday commutes and looking for charging stations along the way. This allows you the flexibility to top off your battery on the go, and you can also access faster charging Level 3 stations for added convenience.
  • Research Tax Credits: Did you know that EVs often qualify for tax credits? Be sure to check out any local, state, and federal benefits. You might be surprised by just how much you can benefit from switching to electric!

Find Your Next Vehicle at Fisher Honda

Why buy an electric car in Boulder? The team at Fisher Honda is happy to answer any questions that you still have about the EV segment, and we’d love to introduce you to Honda’s green technology. Contact us to learn more, or just stop by our showroom to chat in person. You can even schedule your next test drive or buy online!


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